CoinEx Charity Sponsor Consensus2022 MetaGala Donate to Charity Education

On June 11, Consensus hosted MetaGala, one of the main events of Consensus 2022, bringing together crypto investors, influencers and artists from the cultural sector, crypto space and fashion industry. For the past seven years, starting in 2015, Consensus has been the most influential summit in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Consensus launched its MetaGala charity auction on June 11, its first offline event since the COVID-19 outbreak. During the event, NFTs created by big-name artists were auctioned off, and the proceeds were donated to global blockchain educational institutions. It is worth mentioning that CoinEx Charity sponsored and participated in this charity auction.

MetaGala is the first red carpet event hosted by Consensus, integrating culture, cryptocurrency and fashion. The Charity Auction was launched to raise funds to support blockchain education charities, work with youth and underserved communities, and nurture a new generation of creative thinkers, developers and entrepreneurs. uch goals are aligned with its vision and CoinEx Charity is actively involved as a sponsor and donor.

Charity Education Activities

CoinEx Charity, a charitable organization founded in 2022, has launched a multi-million dollar charitable fund that provides donations and charitable assistance with a focus on equity education, humanitarian response, and disaster relief worldwide. This year, CoinEx Charity focuses on global equity education. The organization is committed to providing better educational resources for underprivileged children around the world, while promoting the balanced development of global education. Since May 26, CoinEx Charity has joined hands with charities in different regions to build public reading corners for poor schools in 11 countries, donating more than 10,000 books and a large number of school supplies. CoinEx Charity implements inclusive education with practical actions and promotes global education fairness.

CoinEx Charity sponsors the MetaGala education-themed charity auction, works with influential organizations and individuals to raise public awareness of fair education, and encourages more kind-hearted people and celebrities to contribute to the global charity education cause. Attendees will interact with each other in multiple realities. There will also be a charity auction of select non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from well-known artists, as well as an awards ceremony honoring those who have excelled in the crypto industry. All proceeds from the campaign will benefit selected CoinDesk partner charities focused on education, including Code to Inspire, Girls Who Code, Crypto Tutors and Crypto Kids Camp, through The Giving Block.

While continuously empowering charitable education, CoinEx Charity has also been striving to achieve its original goal: to help all children have access to education. The organization will continue to work on charitable education so that more children can enjoy the benefits of education. What our society really needs is a kind heart, which spreads the warm sunshine of kindness to every corner of the world through charity. We believe that more individuals or companies will devote themselves to the cause of fair education, help poor children around the world benefit from high-quality education, and achieve educational equity with love.

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