Coinbase wallet users can now access the second-tier currency market on the EasyFi network

EasyFi network, The universal layer 2 DeFi lending protocol for digital assets has announced support for the Coinbase wallet on its app. Starting from November 24th, more than 73 million Coinbase wallet users can obtain funds directly from their wallets and participate in lending, farming and mortgage activities on EasyFi through the Polygon Network.

Considering that the Coinbase wallet is very popular among new crypto users, this integration allows EasyFi to introduce them to high-quality DeFi solutions as early as possible. Coinbase Wallet is one of several local wallet integrations planned by the platform as part of its efforts to enhance the user experience by providing new products, features and services.

Ankitt Gaur, founder and CEO of Easy FI Network, said when announcing the integration, “This integration with Coinbase Wallet aims to lower the threshold for new users to participate in DeFi, especially lending. We believe that Coinbase Wallet users will explore various revenue-generating opportunities on EasyFi. We are committed to making DeFi more inclusive and Ease of use, this integration is a step towards this vision.”

In addition to EasyFi’s DeFi products, Coinbase wallet integration enables users to access their funds on Polygon, a widely used layer 2 solution, and participate in various passive income generation opportunities.

In the next few weeks, EasyFi Network will add support for more Polygon Network compatible wallets. It will also improve the user experience of mobile and web interfaces, while expanding the number of supported assets. EasyFi currently supports MATIC, WETH, WBTC, USDC, USDT and DAI on the Polygon Network.

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