CNN fires Chris Cuomo after allegations of misconduct

CNN fired Chris Cuomo because he was accused of sexual misconduct, and he is under online investigation because he helped his brother, the former governor of New York, defend his harassment allegations.

On Sunday, Debra Katz, a well-known American employment lawyer, said that her client reported to CNN on Wednesday the allegations of sexual misconduct against Cuomo.

“By Friday, I was discussing with CNN to provide written evidence of my client’s allegations and to allow my client to be interviewed by CNN’s external lawyers. Last night, CNN quickly took action on my client’s complaint and fired Cuomo Sir,” Katz said.

Last week, the New York Attorney General detailed how the reporter helped defend his brother Andrew Cuomo from multiple allegations of sexual assault during the New York governorship.

On Sunday, CNN said: “According to the reports we received about Chris and his brother’s defense, we have reason to terminate. When the new allegations appeared before us this week, we took them seriously, Think there is no reason to postpone immediate action.”

Chris Cuomo did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the allegations of sexual misconduct.

His brother Andrew is Forced to resign After becoming governor in August Leticia JamesThe New York State Attorney General discovered that he sexually harassed 11 women, which violated state and federal laws.

CNN stated that the anchor of “Kummer Prime Time” admitted that he violated network rules when giving advice to his brother’s staff on how to deal with the scandal. But a document released by James’ office on Monday showed that Deeper participation According to the network, this is more than previously known.

In a statement over the weekend, Chris Cuomo said: “This is not the way I want my time on CNN to end, but I have told you why and how I can help my brother.”

He praised the team during the “Kumer Prime Time”, saying: “I owe them all. I will miss those special people who have done really important work.”

Katz said her client reported the statement to CNN after “hearing Chris Cuomo’s hypocritical remarks and ​​disgusted by his efforts to discredit these women.”

She mentioned that the reporter talked about the allegations against his brother on the radio. She said: “I have always been very concerned about these issues, and very concerned. I just want to tell you.”

The dismissal underscores how problematic Cuomo’s behavior and participation in his brother’s defense are for CNN. The company is owned by AT&T but is preparing for a new owner. AT&T has Agree to sell Its WarnerMedia division, which owns CNN and HBO networks, will be transferred to Discovery.

After being praised for taking decisive action in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic during his tenure as Governor of New York State, he supports Andrew Cuomo A sharp decline This year, many women came forward to accuse him of sexual assault.

Although Chris Cuomo did not report the news on his show, he provided advice to his brother’s senior aides to deal with the crisis and tried to find out what the rival news media was reporting.

Cuomo joined CNN in 2013 and became one of its star anchors. During Donald Trump’s turbulent presidency, he occupied the prime time of the network schedule at 9pm.

When his brother became a national star during the New York Democratic governorship during the pandemic, Cuomo’s conflict of interest became more acute, presided over Daily press conference About the virus.

CNN has been criticized for blurring moral boundaries, especially after broadcasting an interview between brothers, the two exchanged sibling jokes.

Once it was revealed that Chris Cuomo had been advising the governor on how to deal with allegations of sexual harassment, other CNN reporters expressed their anxiety.

Jake Tapper told the New York Times in May: “I can’t imagine a world where anyone in the press would think this is the right world.”

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