Clearview AI’s facial recognition technology will receive a U.S. patent

Bright Vision Artificial Intelligence It will soon be officially recognized for its controversial facial recognition technology. politics report Clearview has received a “licensing notice” from the US Patent and Trademark Office stating that officials will approve an application for its system, which scans faces in public Internet data to find people from government lists and security camera footage. The company only needs to pay management fees to obtain patents.

in a politics In the interview, Clearview founder Hoan Ton-That claimed that this is the first facial recognition patent involving “large-scale Internet data.” The company sells its tools to government customers (including law enforcement agencies) who want to speed up searches.

As you might imagine, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is concerned about effectively supporting Clearview’s technology and giving the company development opportunities, although General opposition The existence of its technology.Critics worry that Clearview is building an image database without the target’s knowledge or permission, and multiple governments (including Australia and the United Kingdom) believe that facial recognition Violation of data lawsIn theory, this technology can be used to suppress political dissent or to track other people for private purposes.This does not include concerns about possible Gender and racial prejudice Face recognition as a whole.

Ton-That insists that Clearview has no plans to sell products to anyone other than government customers and that it is “important” to have a fair system. However, the patent opens the door for non-governmental purposes, such as learning more about dating partners or business customers. Clearview is aware of the problematic path its technology may take, even if it does not intend to move in that direction.

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