CIA Director William J. Burns warned Russia that if a link to “Havana Syndrome” is discovered, it will face “consequences”

Director of the Central Intelligence Agency William J Burns Russian intelligence officials are warned that if they are behind a series of unexplained health incidents known as “Havana syndrome” that plagued US spies and diplomats on a global scale, they will face “consequences.”

According to a report from the Washington Post on Tuesday, a US official familiar with the negotiations said that during a visit to Moscow earlier this month, the head of the special agent made the remarks when he met with the leadership of the Russian Federal Security Service and the Foreign Intelligence Service.

gentlemen. burn The “abnormal health incident” was not directly attributed to Russia. Many people suspected that this was the result of a directed energy attack, but said that such an attack was unacceptable and was beyond the scope of the “professional intelligence agency”, the “Post” reported.

The warning came as some lawmakers increasingly agreed that these incidents were continued by hostile actors, although efforts to identify the attackers so far have proven to be futile.

Victims, including diplomats, intelligence personnel and senior U.S. government officials, stated that the attack may cause physical weakness, and in some cases, symptoms such as disorientation, nausea, and cognitive impairment. NBC News quoted internal documents as saying that the FBI is processing at least one case of an agent reporting symptoms of Havana syndrome.

The Kremlin repeatedly denied that it knew anything about the attack and reportedly told him about it. burn exist his The most recent trip to Moscow.

Last month, California Democratic Rep. Eric Svolwell pressured U.S. intelligence officials to admit that the unexplained health incident was the result of a targeted attack and called for efforts to hunt down the suspects behind the attack. It is on par with the task of tracing Osama. Osama bin Laden.

“The most pressing and most important issue facing the workforce today is the terrorist attacks happening around the world. These attacks are called’abnormal health incidents,'” said a member of the House Intelligence Special Committee and a California Democrat.

He asked Mr. burnIn view of the severity and increasing frequency of attacks, if US officials should “stop calling them incidents and calling them attacks.”

gentlemen. burn There was no direct answer, but he agreed that “the real harm is being caused to real people, and we take every report very seriously.”

Senior officials in the Biden administration have stepped up efforts to treat those with mysterious symptoms, and a December report from the National Academy of Sciences stated that these symptoms are “consistent with the effects of directed pulsed radiofrequency energy.”

Congress has also stepped up its efforts and passed legislation to provide economic assistance to victims this month.

But as for the final determination of the source and responsible person, US officials are still confused. To the chagrin of some in Congress, senior officials often refer to these incidents as “abnormal health incidents,” rather than as attacks.

“It took about ten years to find and hunt Osama bin Laden with… a staff dedicated to it,” Mr. Swalwell told him. burn“I hope to make the same effort to find out who did it.”

“When we determine who is doing this, I think you will find the support of the two parties, which will be a transcendence response. If it is in a foreign country, just close a few consulates.” he Said. “This will be a very, very severe response.”

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