Chrysler’s first concept electric car can provide up to 400 miles of range

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Electric pickups and SUVs may be all the rage, but there is clearly enough room in the electric car market to accommodate more battery-powered cars and crossovers. At CES 2022 on Wednesday, Chrysler demonstrated its first all-electric vehicle concept Airflow.

Chrysler CEO Chris Feuell said: “The Chrysler airflow concept represents the future direction of the Chrysler brand, giving us a glimpse of dynamic design, advanced technology and seamless connections, which will be the characteristics of our all-electric product portfolio that we plan to achieve by 2028. .” In a press statement.


As a concept car, Airflow has almost all of Chrysler’s features, such as in-vehicle cameras for in-vehicle video conference calls, and the company’s new E/E (Electrical/Electronic) and software platforms STLA Brain, STLA SmartCockpit and STLA AutoDrive. STLA Brain acts as the central controller of the vehicle, allowing it to receive OTA updates. On the other hand, SmartCockpit runs Airflow’s infotainment system, which provides drivers and passengers with navigation and voice control, as well as an in-vehicle app store. According to reports, Autodrive will provide Level 3 autopilot functions and will be able to further improve the functions through these OTA updates.

The Airflow concept is equipped with dual 150kW motors, providing cross-border AWD functionality and Chrysler’s estimated 350-400 mile range. External design details include full-width LED taillights and 22-inch rims, while the leather-wrapped interior has personalized climate control options, separate dashboard touch screens for the driver and front passengers (and screens mounted on the seat backs). Passengers), as well as the ambient lighting that changes according to the preferences of the passengers and the content played on the central display.

The ambient lighting in the Chrysler Airflow concept car is directly displayed, adding a sense of modernity and synchronizing with the internal atmosphere, and changing according to the preferences of passengers and the content on the display.


As a concept car, Airflow, which will come out in 2025, may—and may—be different in appearance and performance from what was announced today. Looking at you, the promise of level 3 autonomy.

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