Chinese state media releases video mocking Huawei

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Screenshot: Xinhua News Agency/Twitter

Chinese state media Xinhua News Agency released an English-language parody video on Tuesday to address the concerns of the United States and the United Kingdom about technology giant Huawei. This is one of the very embarrassing and incredibly fascinating things.

The video was posted on Twitter and YouTube, Featuring two intelligence personnel roles from the United Kingdom, they tried to imitate James Bond, and some slogans of Wayne World.

In the video, two intelligence agents meet in a castle and listen to instructions from “M”, who has a new “single highest priority” for Western spies.The male agent known as James Pond (understand?) speculated Maybe Julian Assange escaped from prison, or Edward Snowden was arrested.

While waiting, one of the agents casually talked about the espionage activities of the National Security Agency. She also mentioned that “China” has advanced propaganda capabilities, which was revealed when she opened the folder to display the letters “USA”, which was actually done by the United States.

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Screenshot: Xinhua News Agency/Twitter

The Pond Spy character keeps saying “exSQUEEZE me”. This is SNL character Wayne Campbell in Wayne’s World Movies from the 1990s.It’s unclear why this spy character has been saying the slogan 30 years ago, but Wayne is played by Mike Myers, who is also Austin Power Movies, imitating James Bond movies. Maybe the producer of this video is confused and thinks Austin Powers is talking about “exqueeze me?” Also? He also said “Yabba Dabba Doo”, which is Fred Flintstone’s mantra, who knows? All this is very confusing.

When the agent finally talked to “M”, he told James Pond not to buy Huawei phones. When Pound asked why, he found that his agent had been monitoring him.

“Then why isn’t it Huawei?” James Pond asked before understanding the US concerns about backdoor procedures. But another agent named 0.06 revealed the actual evidence that there is no backdoor, which is entirely a sinister propaganda campaign led by Western intelligence agencies.

Huawei has been attacked by Western governments, and Western governments believe that the company’s technology may be harmed by the Chinese government. The US authorities have not been clear about the details of how China theoretically instigated attacks on US communications infrastructure, but it was reported last month that Chinese spies successfully penetrated Australian networks using Huawei software updates in 2012. Bloomberg NewsOf course, this statement is difficult to independently confirm.

At the end of the video, both agents had obtained CIA-certified calls, which were apparently tapped.You really have to Watch video Appreciate how forced and strange the whole thing is.

China clearly sees the hypocrisy of technological spies as America’s weakness in the new Cold War.As early as February 2019, a Huawei executive conducted a similar attack at the Mobile World Congress, pointing out that Edward Snowden’s revelation was a reason not to believe the US authorities Espionage charges.

In the past few years, the English propaganda of Chinese state media has become increasingly strange. In May 2020, Xinhua News Agency released a cartoon character named Terry-cotta to refute the claim that China was hoarding PPE in the early stages of the epidemic. COVID-19 pandemic. Xinhua News Agency recently released a rap video about American hypocrisy.

No one knows what 2022 will mean for the new Cold War between China and the United States, but if today’s release has any guiding significance, we can bet it will be full of strange promotional videos.

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