China says second warship ready for battle, extends mission

China’s second Type 055 frigate is ready for long-range operations at sea after passing a series of exercises that tested the ship’s ability to conduct air defense, sea attack and anti-submarine warfare in simulated battles, the Chinese military said.

The navy of the People’s Liberation Army’s Northern Theater Command recently conducted a three-day sea test of the new Chinese warship, identified by the state-run Global Times as the Lhasa, at a “secret” location in the Yellow Sea, according to media reports. .

Lhasa led a fleet of three frigates in numerous maneuvers, including firing main guns, close-in weapons systems and torpedoes. The Global Times said on Sunday that the exercise “has fully honed the ship’s air defense, maritime attack and anti-submarine capabilities in a complex electromagnetic environment.”

According to the Global Times, other surface ships, submarines and aircraft participated in the exercise as simulated enemy or friendly forces to make the Lhasa crew’s experience more realistic.

The Lhasa is the second of eight planned frigates, Chinese officials said. The model, which the Chinese navy has been working on for decades, is expected to be the main escort ship for China’s new carrier fleet.

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