China says it successfully intercepted a missile in flight

BEIJING (AP) — China said it had successfully intercepted a missile in flight, a test of an anti-ballistic missile system that could boost its defenses should it make territorial claims.

A brief statement from the Defense Department late Sunday gave no details but said the test was purely defensive and not directed against any foreign country.

Missiles are the main component Chinathe backbone of its space program, which has launched astronauts and components to the nation’s orbiting space station.

Missile interception test is China It has been escalating threats to the self-governing island of Taiwan, which Beijing claims as its own territory and will annex by force if necessary. Conflict in Taiwan could bring the United States, the island’s main source of weapons, to the threat of which must legally be considered a matter of “serious concern.”

China There are also territorial disputes with the Philippines, Vietnam and other governments over the South China Sea.

China Seen as supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, although it is not known if it provided material support.

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