China reports a sharp drop in virus cases in Xi’an blocked

BEIJING (Associated Press)-China reported on Wednesday that the local COVID-19 infection rate in the northern city of Xi’an has fallen sharply, which has been under strict lockdown for the past two weeks.

With the opening of the Beijing Olympics on February 4th, China is redoubled to take measures to prevent any new outbreaks that may affect the progress of the game.

People have been told that they can only enter and leave Beijing when absolutely necessary, and hotels have basically stopped accepting new bookings. Athletes, officials and reporters entered the “anti-epidemic” bubble as soon as they arrived and will stay in it until the end of the Winter Olympics on February 4-20.

Fans from outside China are not allowed, and it is expected that most of the audience will come from schools, government agencies and the military, rather than the general public.

The National Health Commission announced on Wednesday that there were only 35 new cases in Xi’an, the famous terracotta warrior and the main industrial location, down from 95 the day before.

This marked a steady decline since the daily number of new cases exceeded 100, prompting officials to retain and in some cases tighten restrictions on people leaving their homes.

In the recent surge, there have been more than 1,600 cases in Xi’an, but no deaths. Compared with the epidemics in other countries, this is only a small number, which shows that China’s “zero tolerance” strategy of quarantining each case, large-scale testing and trying to prevent new infections from abroad has helped it control major epidemic.

According to our data world, China has also vaccinated nearly 85% of the population. Although China’s vaccines are considered not as effective as vaccines used elsewhere, these vaccines help reduce the severity of the disease.

However, blockades are much stricter than those seen in the West, and they have caused huge losses to the economy and the lives of millions of people.

Some people in Xi’an have complained about food shortages, but officials have defended these measures and promised to ensure adequate supplies.

Officials did not give a specific date for lifting the blockade.

However, Chen Zhijun, deputy director of the city’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that it will only appear after Xi’an has determined that there are no new cases of transmission among the majority of the population. The only new cases are close contacts of infected persons who have been quarantined.

On Tuesday, the authorities announced that after only three asymptomatic cases were found, Yuzhou City in Henan Province was locked down over the weekend.

In this city of 1.7 million people, only emergency vehicles are allowed on the roads, courses have been suspended, companies that provide services to the public have been closed, and all businesses except for basic needs have been closed.

Henan Province reported two new asymptomatic cases on Wednesday, but it is not clear whether they are in Yuzhou.

A total of 102,932 cases have been reported nationwide, and the death toll has stabilized at 4,636.

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