China goes all out to fight coronavirus ahead of Olympics

The Chinese port city of Tianjin is under partial lockdown as authorities try to wipe out some COVID-19 cases ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics, part of an extreme effort to contain the coronavirus.

Tianjin’s total population of 14 million appeared to be a victory in other coronavirus-torn countries after officials detected 40 cases over the weekend.

However, the Chinese government is taking drastic measures against any infections and has locked down parts of Tianjin.

Some households were limited to one member out to buy groceries, while bus and train connections to Beijing, about 70 miles away, were suspended, ABC News reported.

The Olympics start on February 4, so authorities are on high alert as the virus emerges in new places. The infection in the central Chinese city of Anyang was traced to a person from Tianjin.

In addition, millions of people in cities such as Xi’an and Yuzhou are under lockdown.

Beijing’s transport authority told citizens on Sunday that cars carrying foreigners to participate in Olympic events will have dedicated lanes. They said people should not approach vehicles, even to provide assistance in the event of an accident, and that professionals should arrive.

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