CFP Championship QB: Top 5 star recruits vs. former catwalks

Arlington, Texas – Bryce Young Is a former five-star recruit who won the Heisman Trophy his In the first season as Alabama’s starting quarterback. Stetson Bennett Is a former catwalk, became a starter in Georgia, never really lost confidence his teammate.

They will meet again in the National Championship after two touchdowns in the semifinals of the college football playoffs, only four weeks after Young and Crimson Tide defeated Bennett And the Bulldogs, who were previously unbeaten in the Southeastern League championship.

“This is a long journey,” Bennett Say his The entire career of Georgia is more than just the gap between the two key interceptions in the SEC Championship game on December 4th and his Offensive MVP performance in the New Year’s Eve victory over second-ranked Michigan State’s Orange Bowl game with a 34-11 advantage. “But like the coach (Kirbe Smart) said, this game is just so that we can play the next game.”

That game is scheduled to be held in Indianapolis on January 10th. The first-ranked defending national champion Crimson Tide and the third-ranked Georgia State met in the final for the second time in five seasons. Both teams are 13-1.

Bennett He was a quarterback on the scout team for the 2017 season, when Georgia won the semi-final Rose Bowl, then lost to Alabama in overtime in the national championship game. he Before returning to the Bulldogs as a substitute, he played for a season in junior college, then started half of the games last year, and started the past 10 games this season.

Young set the SEC Championship record with 421 yards and 461 yards of total passes, defeating the unbeaten Georgia State 41-24, thus winning the first Heisman trophy for the Tide quarterback. A week ago, the 20-year-old sophomore kicked off with a 97-yard TD in the regular season finals and won four overtime wins in Auburn, keeping Tide in the national championship battle.

In a 27-6 victory over Cincinnati in the CFP semifinal Cotton Bowl on Friday, Young completed the season’s lowest 181 yards and completed 17 of 28 passes. But Crimson Tide had 301 yards into the Bearcats, which was the first non-top five team to enter the four-team playoffs.

“We want to do the best thing for us offensively,” said young, His 4,503 yards and 46 pass touchdowns are the “Bama Records” in a single season. “So for me, to be able to pass the ball, just clap your hands and pass the ball to (Brian Robinson Jr) or Trey (Sanders) and have the production we have. It’s a great night like this Up.”

Bennett In the US Securities and Exchange Commission Championship on December 4, he completed 29 of 48 passes, passing 340 yards and 3 touchdowns, but his Two interceptions stand out.

After Young’s 55-yard TD pass to national receiver Jameson Williams, he led 31-17 in the second half and Georgia kicked off before 20. BennettThe first choice. The Battle of Jordan in Alabama was intercepted at 44 yards early in the fourth quarter and took a three-point touchdown lead.

Outsiders entering the playoffs have asked many questions about Georgia’s confidence in the team Bennett If JT Daniels, who started this season as a starter, can replace the Pacers before. But not from within the program. Bennett Completing 21 of 31 passes in the Orange Bowl, with a passing distance of 310 yards, Georgia became the first CFP team to score goals in the first five offenses.

“As the leader of our offense, he Don’t let the negative emotions go away his Head, he explain, he No social media… and he Let the noise pass his Head and play football.This is what i like he,” Running back James Cook’s Bulldog said.

“Despite some people, I didn’t go out and play well today. I played well and worked hard during our offseason weeks because my teammates need me to do this, and we need this to win, ” Bennett Say. “As far as the statement is concerned, my goal every week is to play so well.”

Bennett A native of Georgia, Yang grew up in Southern California and went to Alabama.

Last year, when Mike Jones became the fifth quarterback in Alabama’s 12 seasons to win the national championship in Crimson Tide’s first season, Yang became a real freshman on the bench. Yang now has a chance to increase the total.

“We acted, carrying that bargaining chip on our shoulders,” young Say. “And we understand what is at stake, and we have a responsibility to urge ourselves every day to give ourselves the best chance of success and achieve our goals.”

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