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From: Africa Direct

Puppets, artists and Algerian father-son teams bring creative joy to their communities.

Puppetist and artist Houcine Bensemicha is preparing a new show in collaboration with his puppet, Kerkouz.

In the remote town of Sidi Bel Abés in Algeria, he and his father created a much-needed space for artists and audiences. When they talked about costume and string mechanics, the story of their little theater museum unfolded.

Cave, Directed by the filmmaker El Kheyer Zidani, it tells a story about creativity, community, puppets, and the son’s love for his father.

El Kheyer Zidani is an Algerian director and producer. He has produced many short films, including my life, Amezgon Amazi, Protest camp with Very good very good, Shortlisted for more than 30 film festivals and won multiple awards, including the Luxor African Film Festival Jury Award and the African Film Academy Award nominations.

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