Cardinal and 9 others are tried in Vatican over money scandal

Vatican City (Associated Press)-The case was heard inside a high wall of 10 defendants (including a once powerful cardinal) in Vatican City on Tuesday. Donations) conducted extensive investigations of criminal administration from countless Catholics on the bench.

Among the defendants was an Italian bishop, Angelo Becky, a long time Holy See Pope Francis was promoted to Cardinal’s diplomat in 2018.After the scandal network began to disintegrate during two years of investigation, Francis gave shell mound Boots last year as the director of the Saints Production Office of the Catholic Church.Before the final verdict of the Vatican Court, Francis also deleted shell moundThe right to be a cardinal.

Less than three months ago, it was impossible for the cardinal to appear on the wharf of the Vatican City State, where it had its own judicial system and even a prison.But Francis has one Holy See The law changed Holy See-Cardinals and bishops can be prosecuted and tried by the non-professional criminal courts of the Holy See, as long as the Pope signs. Before, Holy See Cardinals can only be judged by their peers, a court of three cardinals.

shell mound73 years old, accused of embezzling public funds and forcing the bishop to give up information he Provide information to prosecutors on handling disasters Holy See Real estate investment in London. shell mound Deny any wrongdoing.

Since the nearly 500-page indictment was issued in early July, prosecutors have submitted approximately 30,000 pages of supplementary documents.

Defense lawyers said they did not have enough time to study these materials.

The presiding judge Giuseppe Pignatone is a retired Rome chief prosecutor who dealt with mafia and economic wrongdoing in Sicily early in his career.

To accommodate the largest criminal trial in the United States Holy SeeIn the modern history, the hearings were held in the halls of the Vatican Museums converted into courts.

A group of accredited journalists Holy See They were allowed to follow up the proceedings in court, but were not allowed to submit their accounts before the end of the day’s hearing.

The defendants allegedly played various roles in the actions, which in fact caused the Holy See to lose tens of millions of dollars in donated funds through improper investments, dealing with improper money managers, and claiming benefits to friends and family.

What is imminent in the indictment is the London deal approved by the British government. Holy See Secretariat of State. The original 200 million euros (now close to 240 million US dollars) was invested in a fund run by an Italian businessman. Half of the money was invested in real estate companies located in the bustling Chelsea neighbourhood, and this investment ultimately cost 350 million euros. By 2018, the original investment loss, Holy See Scrambling to find an exit strategy.

The defendants included Cecilia Marogna, who was employed by shell mound Act as an external security consultant.The prosecutor claims she Misappropriated 575,000 euros Holy See funds shell mound It has been authorized to be used as a ransom to release hostages of Catholics abroad. Marogna argued that her allegations were reimbursements for intelligence-related expenses, and the other money was her compensation.

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