Cardano becomes the most developed cryptocurrency on Github in 2021-Santiment

According to data compiled by CryptoRank and Santiment, Cardano (have) Is the most developed cryptocurrency on Github in 2021, with more than 140,000 events.

The top three are Kusama (KSM) and Polkadot (point) Are ranked second and third respectively, and the number of events in a year is roughly the same. Cardano greatly surpassed Ethereum’s development activities, which ranked fourth.Santiman definition Github events, such as creating issues, creating pull requests, commenting on issues or pull requests, and forking/starring/viewing the code repository, etc.

In the Youtube live broadcast last week, Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano It was revealed that there are approximately 127 projects under development on the Cardano blockchain. In addition, due to the increasing popularity of non-fungible tokens, Hoskinson expects that the number of ADA users will increase tenfold from the existing 2 million.

Cardano’s technological advancement has become more and more popular after Alonzo.A noteworthy work being done on the blockchain is Level 2 Hydra upgrade, It guides off-chain transactions to the equity pool without the need to partition the ledger itself. In theory, it can achieve advanced linear expansion of the network, where there are hundreds of “hydra nodes”, and each node handles hundreds of transactions.

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Another noteworthy place is a novel financial technology financing mechanism called Initial Equity Pool Product (ISPO), which is unique to the Cardano blockchain. In this setting, blockchain enthusiasts entrust their cryptocurrency to a protocol and receive tokens for new projects they fund as rewards. In contrast, ADA pledge rewards belong to the developers. The funds do not leave the client’s wallet, which makes this process quite safe. One such project, Genius output, Saw its ISPO pool exceed US$118 million in 24 hours.