Cardano (ADA) launches connectors for DApps integration

Cardano (ADA) continues to further develop its smart contract integration on the blockchain.Cardano announced about a week ago that it has successfully completed the long-awaited Alonzo White hard forkWith this, the project is entering the next phase of integration.

Smart contracts on the Cardano network will allow developers to build decentralized finance (DeFi), NFT, decentralized identity (DID), and countless other things outside the network. This is why the switch to smart contract support is very important for the network.

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Continuing down this path, Cardano has now launched a DApps integrated connector on the web using its Yoroi wallet. Yoroi Wallet comes from the commercial sector and solution provider of the Cardano ecosystem, called Emago.

The beta version of the connector was approved four months ago Press release On the EMURGO website. This is to allow Cardano (ADA) and Ergo (ERG) users to conduct DApp transactions on the blockchain without any problems.

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The connector provides more incentives for DeFi developers to build solutions and services on the blockchain. Use Yoroi Wallet to seamlessly transfer between the two networks. After months of beta testing, Yoroi Wallet announced that the App connector is now available for users on the blockchain.

The connector will increase the adoption rate of the network on a global scale. Bringing more and more people into a decentralized global operating system designed for a global user base.

Features of Cardano’s Yoroi Wallet Connector

The Yoroi Wallet Connector builds a much-needed bridge between users and blockchain-based decentralized applications (DApps), enabling them to access the services they need. The DApp connector will allow users to perform activities permitted by the DApp they are currently accessing.

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These activities include the purchase and sale of tokens, access to resources provided by the DApp, and/or access to functions provided by the DApp.

The bridge provided by Yoroi Wallet Connector also allows verification of the owner of a particular asset. It also allows the execution of DApp transactions, which can access things like NFT.

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More importantly, once the network can support them, the Yoroi wallet connector will act as a communication medium between the Cardano blockchain and smart contracts.

Users only need to add the connector as a plug-in to their preferred browser to access the connector. From there, they can access any function they want to use.

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