Canada fines U.S. travelers who provide false COVID-19 vaccination status documents

Canada It announced on Friday that it fined two travelers from the United States nearly $20,000 each for violating a series of coronavirus-related travel requirements.

This Public Health Agency of Canada He said that each passenger was fined US$19,720, which is approximately US$15,800, for failing to comply with multiple entry requirements when they recently arrived in Toronto, Ontario.

Each passenger provided false information related to vaccination vouchers and pre-departure testing, Public Health Agency of Canada Stated in the press release.

The agency said that everyone also failed to comply with the regulations that require travelers to stay in government-authorized residences, as well as another regulation that requires them to be tested for COVID-19 immediately upon entry.

Canada Since last year, a number of travel rules and restrictions have been implemented to limit the spread of COVID-19 (a highly contagious respiratory disease caused by the new coronavirus) within its territory.

Except close Canada In addition to foreigners engaged in basic business, many eligible persons are required to be repeatedly tested for COVID-19 and quarantined upon arrival.

Canada Some regulations for people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 have recently been lifted, and it is stated that fully vaccinated Americans may begin “discretionary” or non-essential travel starting on August 9.

At the same time, fully vaccinated passengers are eligible to enter Canada They are required to first use a special phone application called “ArriveCAN” to electronically submit their vaccination status certificates to Ottawa.

“Providing false information and/or documents to the government Canada Formally enter Canada Or making false statements or providing fraudulent documents, such as vaccination certificates, is a serious violation of the law and may result in fines and/or criminal charges,” the Public Health Bureau said in a press release.

“For all the travelers who come here Canada, It’s important to understand the situation and plan ahead.Travelers are responsible for ensuring that they are eligible to enter Canada And they meet all mandatory requirements,” the agency added. “The government Canada The reported incidents will continue to be investigated and law enforcement actions will be taken without hesitation to protect the health of Canadians from the further spread of COVID-19 and its variants. “

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