Can red light therapy be the recovery tool you need?

Red light therapy is a non-invasive tool used by many elite athletes today Speed ​​up recovery And improve their overall health.If you want to know how RLT is applied or what it can provide, here is the right The healing power of light.

What is red light therapy?

Due to technological advances in low-intensity lasers, red light therapy (RLT) has become more and more popular in recent years.During the RLT session, the LEDs are used as Pain relief treatment And by nourishing mitochondria (the “power source” of cells) to enhance cell function.

“RLT complements any clinical strategy you might find in functional medicine,” said Fabian Garcia, PhD, sports and orthopedic physical therapist in New York City. “Each of my patients will use RLT as soon as they step into the door of physical therapy.”

How does red light therapy work?

“The human body has 50 trillion bacteria Convert external elements into energy It exists in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate),” said Dr. Garcia. “The red light at 640 and 820 nanometers directly provides energy to the mitochondria, thereby generating energy in the body. “In this range, red light penetrates the skin and helps to recharge the cells while increasing oxygen consumption.

“We are all servants of the mitochondria,” he added. “Sunlight, air, protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and salt all contribute to the health of our mitochondria. When one of these elements is missing from our daily plan, RLT fills in those missing or incomplete variables .”

what is the benefit?

Using RLT to nourish mitochondria helps build proteins such as collagen and elastin. “Light cannot directly repair tissue,” Dr. Garcia said. “It feeds the bacteria that produce energy in the body and helps power the immune system and its collective elements. RLT also feeds the bacteria that fuel the organs. Essentially, RLT helps put the body in a position of self-healing.”

Is RLT safe?

“Red lights are never harmful,” he said. “It is non-invasive and suitable for people of all ages.” Red light therapy is considered safe because, unlike stronger lasers or intense pulsed light (IPL), it does not cause damage to tissues. The effectiveness of RLT is still being studied, but recent studies have found that the therapy is beneficial for wound healing, muscle exercise, psoriasis, joint health, pain and inflammation. (Research source:–based-benefits)

How often should RLT be used?

“Red lights can be used every day,” Garcia said. “I recommend using it personally every morning for 10 minutes on the front of the body where the major organs are located. If you have extra time, please use it on your back for another 10 minutes.”

What RLT equipment is best?

Garcia said that Joov is the gold standard in clinical applications. Look for kits that provide 640 or 820nm frequency. Platinum LED’s Biomax is also useful because it has an extra frequency designed specifically for skin care.

Home solutions are widely available, but please note that small portable devices may provide less LED light coverage. “The secret lies in the report,” Garcia said.

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