Burundi prison fire torn apart, dozens of lives killed | News

Gitega vice president Prosper Bazombanza said that 69 people were injured in the fire at the capital facility.

At least 38 people were killed in a fire in an overcrowded prison in Gitega, Burundi’s political capital, said Vice President Prosper Bazongbanza.

The fire that broke out at 4 am (02:00 GMT) on Tuesday also injured 69 people and destroyed multiple areas of the facility.

Bazombanza visited the tragedy scene with several senior ministers, but did not explain what might have caused the fire.

One prisoner said that the prisoner was killed in the fire, while witnesses said that the person with the most burned injuries was being taken to the hospital by police and army pickup trucks.

The detainee told AFP: “When we saw the flames rising very high, we started shouting that we were going to be burned alive, but the police refused to open the door of our dormitory, saying, “This is what we received. Order'”. News agency by phone.

“I don’t know how I escaped, but some prisoners were completely burned to death.”

According to data from prison authorities, as of the end of November, the facility housed more than 1,500 prisoners, which is much higher than its capacity of 400.

Most prisoners are male, but there is also a separate female flank.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, another fire broke out in the same prison in Gitega in August and blamed it on a short circuit.

The incident caused no casualties.

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