Bumper Finance’s public token sale provides users with a way to solve crypto price fluctuations

BUMP public token sale registration opens on December 2nd

Although Wall Street has long been Invest in the cryptocurrency marketIn terms of market volatility, the two are still very different; the violent price volatility of encrypted assets is enough to chill the most successful foreign exchange professionals.As the blockchain and crypto industry Continue to swell in terms of innovation and valuationFor most people, protection from unconstrained price behavior is still largely unavailable, and has undoubtedly affected the world’s perception of the entire market.

In recent years, various advances have been made in the field of cryptocurrency options and automated trading, but these products are usually complex and expensive, which means that most “daily” traders and investors cannot access them. Bumper Finance It is hoped that the introduction of a price protection agreement will fill the gap in the market, which will benefit both users who purchase price protection at a premium, and users who provide stablecoins to the liquidity reserve of the agreement.

BUMP public token sale

With the end $17.5 million has been invested in Bumper Finance’s mission, BUMP Pre-Sale was subscribed in large numbers, and the Bumper team also rejected more than 32 million US dollars of institutional investment to give their community more investment opportunities.Bumper team Registration will be open to the public on December 2 And encourage them to become the core part of the Bumper ecosystem, which will adopt the DAO structure in the future and enable BUMP token holders to vote for protocol changes, use its core protection functions, and serve as a balancing mechanism. Token holders can also put their tokens into the agreement as a core module in exchange for generous returns.

The Bumper Finance public token sale will start on December 9, 2021. The price of the BUMP token is set at 1.50 USD, but for buyers who are willing to pledge their tokens for 3 months, it will be reduced to 1.25 USD; with the previous BUMP The popularity of token sales, the team expects a high level of participation and direct potential buyer discovery More information on the project website To ensure that they have a place in sales.

Turn on encryption “God Mode”

Bumper Finance Launched “God Mode” Entering the cryptocurrency and DeFi markets gives users the opportunity to minimize the losses caused by price drops and allow them to ride the waves when their assets recover after the price drops. This type of function has not been seen in the agreement, and it provides huge upside potential for participants holding BUMP tokens. Users must hold it as an access token bound to the agreement before they can open a position.

Holding BUMP tokens allows users Lock a price floor for their assets, Hedging volatility with a small premium, so that they can rest assured that if the price drops, they will get a certain amount of assets as stablecoins, instead of being forced to keep their assets in centralized exchanges in order to find an export to minimize their losses . Then, users can freely use these assets to obtain DeFi loans or farming. The encrypted “Power-Up” feature in Bumper also enables token holders to be rewarded from fees earned by liquidity providers who provide stablecoin liquidity to the protocol.

The Bumper Public Sale will begin on December 9.Follow Twitter twitter Update and access Project’s media page Detailed sales information.

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