Bulgaria president Radev set to seal re-election: Exit polls | News

In April this year, the 10-year rule of former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov ended, and people generally expressed dissatisfaction with high-level corruption.

According to the export polls in the country’s second round of presidential elections on Sunday, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev will welcome a comfortable re-election.

According to export polls conducted by Alpha Research and Gallup International, the 58-year-old Radeff led his presidential runoff with a 64% to 66% advantage after almost completely winning the first round of voting on November 14. The challenger, also 58 years old, found out.

Elections follow broadly dissatisfied In April of this year, former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov’s ten-year rule ended and led a new anti-corruption party to victory in last week’s parliamentary elections.

The presidency is mainly ceremonial, but provides a powerful platform for influencing public opinion.

When the head of state can appoint a temporary cabinet, the president will become prominent in times of political crisis.

Radoff is popular for publicly supporting large-scale anti-corruption protests be opposed to The interim government appointed by Borisov in 2020 exposed the vague public procurement transactions of Borisov’s last center-right cabinet.

Borisov denied any wrongdoing.

Sofia University President Gerdzhikov, supported by Borisov’s GERB party, accused Radev of letting Bulgarians confront each other. He pledged to unite the entire country, which has been hit by some of the EU’s worst coronavirus death rates and soaring energy costs.

Two Harvard-educated entrepreneurs appointed by Radev as interim ministers in May have since established the Our Continued Change Party (PP), which won Bulgaria’s third national election this year on November 14 and promised “Zero Corruption”.

Radev, a former NATO fighter pilot who studied for a time at the US Air War College in Alabama, has pledged to maintain Bulgaria’s place in the Western alliance if re-elected.

But he also insisted on maintaining a pragmatic relationship with Russia and expressed the need to lift the sanctions against Moscow.

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