BSV president urges Meta to store its Metaverse data on public blockchain

While Meta has yet to launch its Metaverse project, Bitcoin SV (BSV) Association President Jimmy Nguyen believes it would be better for companies to store user data on a public blockchain.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Nguyen shared that a global and interoperable Metaverse ecosystem means personal data will be stored on a public blockchain. If Meta takes this approach, Nguyen noted, Meta could be the interface that connects the blockchain to the company’s Metaverse application. This will allow other metaverses to access user data once the user agrees. The BSV president said:

“I want Facebook/Meta to take an approach to creating a metaverse where they build the environment but don’t store your identity and data uniquely on their own servers.”

Additionally, the BSV president emphasized that this vision requires a scalable blockchain that can handle large volumes of transactions and data. According to Nguyen, the BSV blockchain is able to do just that.

“A successful metaverse requires a lot of data. Therefore, the Metaverse project can benefit from integration with blockchains with large scale, data capacity, and low fees.”

Because of this, Nguyen also shared his belief that the BSV blockchain could potentially play a role in Metaverse in terms of payments and serve as the underlying ledger for all data files needed by projects looking to build Metaverse.

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Meanwhile, a recent survey for WEF revealed that developing countries have a higher level of desire for Metaverse than developed countries.Among 21,000 adults surveyed in 29 countries, adults from high-income countries Not very interested in the metaverse.