Browser extensions allow you to see things you don’t like on YouTube (for now)

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If you’ve decided that you can’t live without seeing the number of dislikes on YouTube videos, there is a way to get them back to their original state, at least for now.

A group of developers created an open source browser extension with an appropriate title “Go back to YouTube and don’t like it,” This restored the dislike count on YouTube.The extension gets data from YouTube’s own API, it still shows dislikes when used for public data, and restores the old layout we saw in the video before YouTube Decided to cancel dislike Addressed the issue of harassment and “dislike to attack” last month.Go back to YouTube and don’t like to be discovered 9to5Mac.

Interestingly, the extension will show you the exact number of dislikes that the video received, not just an approximation, which was previously provided by YouTube. (creator Can still view The number of dislikes received by their content; the number is just not open to the public. Individual users can also still dislike content to help curate their recommendations).

The extension is available at Chrome alloy, It has been downloaded by more than 200,000 users and received more than 3,800 overall positive Can be installed The same is true on Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Brave. If you are an iOS user, the developer has also provided you with a version, but it has been jailbroken, so they recommend that those who are interested “use it at your own risk.”

As mentioned above, the extension will temporarily Bring back the dislikes of YouTube.In their Github page Regarding the project, the developer pointed out that YouTube will remove the “dislike” field from its API on December 13. This means that the dislike count will not be accessible via the API after that date. According to the developer, “[removes] Any ability to judge the quality of content before viewing. ”

Currently, the extension obtains information from a combination of YouTube’s API data and obsolete data.The developers claim that they “Save all available data” To their database to ensure that the database is available when YouTube turns off the dislike count in its API. In addition, they do have plans for when YouTube will remove the “dislike” field, although it is unclear whether it will work.

The developer wrote on Github: “With the removal of dislike statistics from the YouTube API, our backend will switch to scraping dislike statistics, estimates inferred from extended user data, and based on viewslikes A combination of estimates of ratios.”

It’s not perfect to return to YouTube and dislike. I don’t like the count update every 2-3 days, which is “not ideal”, the developers say, and they are working hard.

The extension is free, although the developer is Accept donations On Patreon and the Russian payment platform YooMoney.

Although I understand why people clamor to return to things they don’t like, as someone who prefers platforms that are not passive swamps, I don’t miss them. I said, everyone has their own. Enjoy your dislikes as much as you can.

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