Broadway theater requires audience and staff to be vaccinated

Owners and operators of all 41 Broadway theaters in New York City will require audiences, performers, and staff to vaccinate all performances by October.

The Broadway League announced the news in a statement on Friday, and it is consistent with The Great White Way Cooperate with companies, restaurants, shops, and other institutions that develop vaccination policies As the country strives to get rid of the pandemic completely.

The press release stated that audiences in the theater also need to wear masks unless they eat or drink at a designated place.

Broadway was hit hard during the pandemic because theaters had to be closed due to Covid-19.

April, St. James Theatre, New York Become the first Broadway theater to open After the show was suspended for more than a year.

According to the joint policy, guests need to be vaccinated by FDA or WHO authorized vaccines to participate in the performance, and must show proof when entering the venue.

According to the statement, children under the age of 12 and children who are sick or cannot be vaccinated due to close religious beliefs are excluded.

The announcement comes as Hollywood is also trying to figure out how to continue working safely.

Actor Sean Penn It was recently announced that he will not return to the set of his upcoming series “Gaslit” Until all the actors and staff have been vaccinated.

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