Britney Spears will not be charged for disputes with staff

The Ventura County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement Press release On Wednesday, after reviewing the case filed by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, they refused to file charges, “based on insufficient evidence of the crime and the butler was not injured or the phone was severely damaged.”
last month Spears’ housekeeper claimed that the singer had knocked out a cell phone from her hand during a dispute with her dog’s veterinary care.

Spears’ attorney, Mathew Rosengart, said in a CNN statement: “This is exaggerated, sensational tabloid material – just a fabrication,” he said. She said,’Regarding the mobile phone, it was not noticeable and obviously there was no harm.’ Time. “Anyone can file an accusation, but this should be closed immediately.”

At the same time, the Grammy winner is openly competing with her father, Jamie Spears, for court-ordered supervision. The next hearing is scheduled for September 29.

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