Britney Spears has no plans for an interview with Oprah right now

But a source close to Spears told CNN that the singer has no immediate plans to be interviewed by Winfrey, even though she has recently expressed her willingness on social media.

The source said: “Britney has not been interviewed by Oprah, and she has not even discussed the interview.” “Will it happen? Maybe, but not now.”

As for whether the two will meet this year, the source said in an interview that if the meeting is true, it may not be held until 2022.

The Grammy Award winner posted on social media last week that her 13-year custody has ended and she has more to say. She hinted that Winfrey might be interviewed.

“Before I go, I might as well do a little bit of my thoughts about Ke, and posture on @Oprah!!! I mean who knows… I know to share the fact that I never had How embarrassing to see cash or not be able to drive… But honestly, I wake up every day and still surprise me, how can my family and regulators do to me what they did to me!!!” Spear wrote“I am used to keeping peace for my family and shutting up… but not this time… I didn’t forget.”

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