Britney Spears “feeling overwhelmed” so she started painting

The pop star posted a video on Tuesday On her verified Instagram account Her paintings.

“As you know, my life has changed a lot at this moment. Today I feel overwhelmed, so I went to Michael’s house and got white paper and paint!!!” The title on the video reads. “I want to see the color, it’s me fooling around! Well, I’m not a professional painter, but I do think I am!”

Spears said that the painting “expressed my feelings at the moment…rebellious…colorful…bright…bold…spontaneous …Magic…showing my true color so clearly.”

this week Her newly hired lawyer submitted a petition Attempts to replace her father Jamie Spears as the administrator of her estate.

This is the singer’s latest move in her career, assets, and in a recent court hearing that she tried to regain control of her life after her body was protected by the law for more than a decade.

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