Britney Greener is not a ‘hostage’

A spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin pushed back against the U.S. State Department’s position that WBNA star Britney Greener was wrongly detained in Russia, saying in an interview on Monday, “She broke Russian law and now she being prosecuted.”

“It’s not about being hostage. There are a lot of American citizens here. They’re enjoying their freedom…but you have to obey the law,” Dmitry Peskov told NBC News senior international correspondent Kyle Simmons in an exclusive interview.

Peskov offered no indication of when Russian officials released Greener, who has been detained since February after authorities allegedly found cannabis oil in her luggage.

In an interview with NBC News, Peskov said her case was no different from “hundreds of Russian citizens sentenced for possession of marijuana,” and asked officials why they were making an exception for the American basketball star.

Peskov said he could not talk about Russian law enforcement’s decision when he was asked why she was not brought home directly or denied entry.

Biden administration announced last month Griner was wrongfully detained in Russia. Her detention has been extended several times, most recently until early July.

State Department official briefing Earlier this month, a member of Griner’s WNBA team, the Phoenix Mercury, gave an update on her case.

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