British-born ISIL fighter admits to murdering American hostages

Alexandre Kotai was one of the two ISIL members arrested in Iraq, who subsequently faced trial on charges of “terrorism” in the United States.

A British-born man was a member of the ISIL (ISIS) team in Syria and was accused of beheading American hostages. He pleaded guilty to eight criminal charges in the United States, including deadly hostage-taking and conspiracy to support “terrorists” “.

Alexandre Kotai, who was born in London, was one of two ISIL members who were held in Iraq by the US military before flying to the United States. Face trial Charged with “terrorism”.

Kotey appeared before U.S. District Judge TS Ellis in Alexandria, Virginia on Thursday, confessing to the murder of journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff and rescuers Kayla Mueller and Peter Kassig.

this Toll May be sentenced to death, but US authorities have informed British officials that US prosecutors will not seek death penalty for Kotai.

U.S.-British arrangements

Ellis said that according to preliminary arrangements made by the US and British authorities, Kotai could be transferred to the UK after 15 years of imprisonment.

The Department of Justice said in a statement that considering Kotey’s agreement to life imprisonment without parole, if his sentence in the UK is less than life for any reason, Kotey agreed to “be transferred back to the United States to serve the rest of his sentence.”

Ellis added that as part of the request, Kotai has agreed to cooperate “fully and truthfully” with U.S. and foreign government investigators and supervise meetings with the families of the hostage victims.

The British government revoked Kotey’s citizenship in 2018.

Kotey and others are suspected of participating in ISIL images and videos posted online, showing that foreign hostages were beheaded.

A 24-page indictment listed Kotey’s long list of tortures allegedly committed against the hostages, including taser electric shocks, forcing hostages to fight each other, beatings with clubs, and waterboarding.

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