British armored division returns to Germany amid tensions in Ukraine

The British army will be stationed in Germany with hundreds of armored vehicles, just over a year after it officially withdrew from the country. This move is intended to help support NATO, because the tension with Moscow over Ukraine is still serious.

According to a plan described as a “radical” reorganization of the British Army, the British government announced on Thursday that the NATO base in Sennerrag, near Paderborn, Germany, will become one of the three new “regional land hubs” for the British Army. , Tied with Oman and Kenya.

This move represented a big turn after Britain ended its permanent military presence on German territory since the end of the Second World War. In February last year, the last British Army military headquarters in Bielefeld was closed, marking the culmination of a decade-long withdrawal of 20,000 British soldiers from the country.

“We are pushing a large number of armored vehicles forward so that they can move faster when needed anywhere on the continent. [European] Land,” said Lieutenant General Ralph Wooddis, the commander of the field army.

A government official declined to disclose the exact number, but said that the plan envisaged the deployment of “hundreds” of tanks and armored vehicles in Sennerrag.

The decision has become more and more along with NATO allies worried Moscow is planning to invade Ukraine. Kiev has stated that Russia has assembled up to 114,000 soldiers to the north, east, and south of Donbass. Donbass is a mainly Russian-speaking region. Since the pro-Western revolution in Ukraine in 2014, separatists supported by Russia have been The area fought against government forces.

Earlier this year, US President Joe Biden stop His predecessor, Donald Trump, planned to withdraw thousands of American troops from Germany.

The plan to bring British armor back to Germany is part of the military reforms, and has been described as the most “radical” transformation in more than 20 years.

“We cannot be slaves to emotions,” said Ben Wallace, the British Defense Minister, who announced that the number of troops in the army will be reduced by 9,000 to only 73,000 in the next four years-the smallest number of troops in centuries. Once.

The layoffs will also close 33 military bases around the UK, including the Allanbrook Barracks in North Yorkshire. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised during the 2019 election that the Conservative government “will not reduce our armed forces in any way.”

Tobias Ellwood, a member of the Conservative Party and a former military officer who chaired the Special Committee on Defense of the House of Commons, criticized the layoffs. “Our world is becoming more and more dangerous and more complex. This is not the time to cut the defense budget or reduce the number of our tanks, armored combat vehicles and troops as we do now,” he said.

But Wallace insisted that the reorganization aimed to “transform the military into a more flexible, integrated, and lethal expeditionary force.”He added that the military will be “leaner but more efficient” because he comfirmed It is planned to establish a new 1,200-man “Ranger Regiment” based on the elite green berets of the US military.

The regiment consists of four battalions and will be embedded in foreign troops, focusing on counter-insurgency operations in East Africa and other regions. Wallace said this will mean more personnel will be deployed around the world for a longer period of time.

Wallace said that every decentralized country will also have a larger proportion of the military.

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