British and American rowboat wrecked in Tokyo

Tokyo (Associated Press)-The rowing races of the Tokyo Olympics may be remembered by the sunken British and American dynasties instead of the winning ships.

After such great success in London in 2012 and Rio de Janeiro in 2016, the UK left Tokyo Only two medals were won, and his famous men’s four medals almost caused an embarrassing defeat.

The Americans did not win anything at all.The once-dominant American women’s eight-man team won the Olympic Games for three consecutive times, and finished fourth when Canada won the first women’s championship. boating Won the gold medal since 1996.

The British and American plans have done a lot for Paris 2024.

New Zealand and the Netherlands lead Tokyo The total number of medals is five. A total of 17 countries won medals. China won the championship with a 5 second advantage in the women’s quadruple sculls, the men’s double sculls won the bronze medal, and then beat the United States in the women’s eights to win the bronze medal. It looks like A rising country.

The lowest moment in the UK appeared in the men’s foursome, which is an event that has been won in every Olympics since 2000. When the race was about 500 meters away, the British ship turned frantically to the Italian ship due to steering problems. Paddling is likely to cost the Italians a silver medal, while the United Kingdom finished fourth.

Britain’s success in the “sit down” movement is proud, and the country has invested more than 33 million U.S. dollars in it. boating Plans since the 2016 Olympics.

“We need to ask ourselves some tricky questions. We had a four-medal goal, but we didn’t reach that goal. We didn’t meet our expectations. We can’t avoid this,” acting director Brendan Purcell Zhou Five told the Press Association.

“In general, I think we must be disappointed,” said Sir Steven Redgrave, a former British rowing star who now leads the Chinese rowing sport. boating Plan to be the high-performance director of the team.He started the country’s winning streak in the British foursome rowing, and finally Tokyo.

Redgrave said that the “changes” to the plan in the UK had brought terrible results. He did not elaborate. The head coach of the British rowing team, Jurgen Grobler, resigned in August 2020 after overseeing the British rowing team’s participation in the seven Olympic Games.

“I’m just stating the facts,” Redgrave said. “They changed our system last year, and suddenly we are no longer one of the best countries. We fell near the other end.”

When asked if he would cooperate with the Chinese team at the 2024 Paris Olympics, Redgrave said that his contract will last until the end of that Olympics.

“I have to evaluate whether my boss still wants me, whether I have a future, we will wait and see,” Redgrave said. “China has athletes, resources, and expertise to become the most powerful boating Peoples in the world. I was brought in and brought them there. “

If the British medals are insignificant, compared with the Americans, this is the Olympic wealth.

The United States has limited hopes for Japan’s medals, but the women’s quarterfinals are expected. The Americans won this event in 2008, 2012 and 2016.

But when the US team was defeated at the 2017 and 2019 World Championships, they had already lost their invincible aura. Tokyo The crew returned only two members from the 2016 gold medal ship.

The impressive opening enthusiasm allowed them to directly enter the finals, but the US team was quickly eliminated by the leader in the medal battle and never participated in the competition.

The U.S. team had to overcome the COVID-19 epidemic, which forced them to leave their base camp in New Jersey in early 2020 and train alone for several months.

“It takes too much effort and faith in myself and each other to come here. I will do it for another full five years, even if I know what the result will be,” said Katelin Guregian, an American woman. The helmsman of the eight-man team is also one of the two Olympic holders.

Kara Kohler is another highest medal hope for the American women’s single scull event, but the bronze medalist at the 2019 World Championships did not make it to the Olympic finals. Tokyo.

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