Brian Johnson scored a winning goal to maintain Washington’s winning streak

Las VegasWashingtonThis year’s fourth kicker only needs three points. Three-pointers grabbed the team’s four-game winning streak.

So when Brian Johnson Wait in line his First goal Washington uniform, he Was asked to complete 48 yards with only 41 seconds left. No pressure, right?

no problem.

Johnson Make the clutch kick Washington On Sunday, a 17-15 score against the Las Vegas Raiders won a hard-earned victory-in the process to maintain the Burgundy team and the gold team’s winning streak record. Less than a week ago, after kicker Joey Slay entered the reserve team with a hamstring injury, the Maryland native signed.

Johnson, Ironically, he is a fan of the Baltimore Ravens, delivered in a stressful time to improve Washington To 6-6.Victory Washington It has returned to 0.500 for the first time since week 4.

Before Johnson played, quarterback Tyler Haynik (196 yards, two touchdowns, one interception) helped get Washington Enter the scoring field. Heinicke’s efficiency in the last minute made up for a previous mistake-he threw an interception late in the fourth quarter, allowing the Raiders to overtake.

Rear Washington Over time, the Raiders quarterback Derek Carr completed several last-stroke Hail Marys games, scored, and the defense continued.

On paper, the Raiders are ideal opponents Washington Continue to promote the recent winning streak of Burgundy and Gold. Las Vegas Entering the 25 hours in the afternoon, the allowed number of rushing yards per game is 125.9. Except for the three games this season, the Raiders have given up more than 100 yards in all games.

Sure enough, go up WashingtonIn the opening game, running back Antonio Gibson set the tone with a 22-yard advantage on the ground. When Gibson is effective, WashingtonThe action game began to open. Later in the series, close end Logan Thomas received the ball with one hand in the end zone. Logan opened up because the Raiders hesitated about Gibson’s fake relationship a moment ago.Score is given Washington 7-0 lead.

But if there are shortcomings WashingtonRun-centric game plan, it makes the margin of error very small. A penalty kick or an untimely sack may kill a long game-opening the door to the team’s comeback.This almost happened Washington Last week, the Seattle Seahawks made a late push in the fourth quarter and made a two-point conversion in the last minute to tie the score.

On Sunday, Burgundy and Gold again failed to put the game on hold.

WashingtonThe defense is not as sharp as in recent weeks. Many guards-especially rookie linebacker Jemin Davis-missed multiple tackles. Carl took advantage of his advantage and often threw the ball on the flat ground, allowing the receiver to catch the ball after receiving the ball.

still, Washington Persist in an indomitable attitude.When the Raiders entered the scoring field, Burgundy and Gold’s defense forced Las Vegas Meet multiple shots.Rear Las Vegas For example, the tight end Foster Morrow caught a 34-yard pass at the seam, Washington In the third game, linebacker Cole Holcomb’s big pass broke to gain a foothold.

with Washington Only maintaining a 7-6 lead, Hynek and the offense responded. Especially the 28-year-old quarterback, did a series of key games, let the team go downhill on the court.He found that Thomas had gained 35 yards deep in his left foot to get Washington Entering the field of scoring, once there, Heinicke’s outstanding performance continues-his leg took the first place in the red zone with third and seventh results.

After a few games, Hynek then found Gibson in the corner of the end zone for a 3-yard touchdown. Hynek threw the ball to Gibson from the side, and he had enough time to throw the ball before the Raiders defenders got there.

But the strategy is not over yet. Las Vegas It only takes five games and 75 yards to enter the end zone-a pass completed by Josh Jacobs with a 3 yard touchdown. Even there, Washington When Karl overturned his intended goal in a two-point attempt, he still managed to keep it.

with Las Vegas Two games were dropped with only 10 minutes left, Washington It takes a long time to close the opponent’s door—just like it ended the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a few weeks ago.

On the contrary, disaster struck.

As the pocket collapsed, Hynek fired a shot at the triple-screen wide receiver Terry McLaughlin.Raiders cornerback Nate Hobbs receives the ball and gives Las Vegas Life.

The raiders took advantage of the turnover. Carr found that Zay Jones and Hunter Renfrow gained 15 and 14 points, respectively, to move the ball quickly, while Jacobs moved quickly at 10 yards to get into shooting range.

Raiders kicker Daniel Carson hit a 37 yard Las Vegas 15-14 lead.

JohnsonHowever, the work was completed.

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