Breakers are full of expectations and worries about their debut at the 2024 Olympics

New York (AP)-It’s not difficult Fabiano Lopez Grasp the risks that will be faced in three years when Break makes its debut in the Olympics.

More widely known is his 500,000 Instagram followers as B-boy Neguin, Lopez Breakdancing was discovered nearly 30 years ago-more widely known is that breakdancing annoyed its founder he A clip of B-boys making a windmill was captured on Brazilian TV.

That little touch led to a life-changing career. So what happens when the breakup ends on TV screens around the world?

“There are no boundaries,” he Say, “Because this art form is free.”

This is the hope that people hold Lopez And others after destroying the community International Olympic Committee It was announced in December last year that the break will become the official Olympic event of the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics. But this optimism is hardly consistent.

The root cause of Breaking can be New YorkIn the Bronx, street dancing emerged as a form of expression in the 1970s, as a way to escape chaos, and minority communities felt abused by those in power.For the leaders of this movement, such as Gabriel “Kwikstep” Dionisio in Harlem, people worry about giving control of the art form to things like International Olympic Committee A culture that can break the cloud.

“People are Olympic Dionisio said: “Whoever has a specific way of how the event works at that level is not suitable to break the way it works.”

In the 1970s and 1980s, as a child and young man in the Harlem area of ​​Upper Manhattan, Dionisio would break as a means of treating the “luggage” that accompanied street life.

“To me, it’s like a badge of honor for an urban warrior with focus, discipline, rhythm and soul,” Dionisio said of the early b-boy prom. “Then you walked around with your sword and your badge of honor, like,’Who wants this? Who is the best person in Harlem?'”

It’s not that Dionisio is opposed to sharing this craft. As hip-hop music entered popular culture, he and other b-boys/girls of his generation appeared in movies, TV shows, music videos, and commercials.

Because of that commercial work, the 33-year-old Lopez Seeing those windmills for the first time-an iconic action, the circuit breaker is continuously spinning on their upper back and shoulders, and their feet are hanging in the air.

Lopez from his In the 1990s, he went from his hometown of Parana to Sao Paulo in pursuit of breaking the game. He found a vibrant scene based on the destruction of the Bronx birth and blended it with local flavors. Lopez developed his b-boy style layering his The performance was inspired by his Brazilian martial art capoeira background.

Break satisfaction his Soul but it’s booming competitive scene is to maintain he. he Become a world champion in 2010 Red Bull BC One, an annual breakthrough competition, may be the most popular venue for the sport so far.Since then, he has signed a contract to become Red Bull BC One crew, a sponsorship agreement, support his Other artistic passions-including DJing, graffiti, and songwriting-traveled to 141 countries at the same time.

“Break is a way to show me the world,” he Say.

Globalization has not disturbed most of Blaise’s old school. In 2019, Dionisio et al. New York Held a seminar for Olympic-aspiring b-boys from Portugal. Dionisio, now in his early 50s, is still on the floor of the Harlem dance studio, strengthening the basics for students who have completed most of their studies through YouTube and other social media.

“The point is that they come here and they can see,’Oh, this is a different experience,” Dionisio said.

Kenny “INFMS” Rodriguez, a breakthrough coach from Long Island, New York, From the younger generation than Dionisio.He feels the opportunity is Olympic, But also understand Kwikstep’s concerns.

Not every change brought about by the competitive environment is welcomed.Rodriguez said because Red Bull BC One was crowned individual champion, and the team element that scored the goal has fallen behind. This is a major cultural shift from breaking the roots of the Bronx, when games were almost always played among the staff.

Rodriguez hope Olympic Team activities will be considered to restore its fundamentals.

Of course, the destruction of the community is not sure how much Olympic Ready to listen. Before it was announced last winter that scoring would become an Olympic event, veterans like Dionisio were frustrated because they were not asked for advice.even Lopez -Broke in the biggest star now-did not hear anything from International Olympic Committee Details about the event.

“I think there are different opinions,” Rodriguez said. “Everything you do has hard-line fundamentalists, and those people worry that this will deprive it of its authenticity, expressiveness, and artistry. This is a reasonable fear, a reasonable worry.”

But he thinks it can be overcome. He uses skateboarding as an example-the competitive scene has exploded, including participation through the Olympics, but nothing can stop skaters from giving up halfpipe and staying old school.

At this point, Dionisio agreed.

“You will have Olympic“,” he said. “But you will always understand what is happening around you. “

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