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The report recommends that the president be prosecuted for nine crimes for handling a pandemic that killed more than 600,000 people.

The Brazilian Senate Committee of Inquiry approved a report calling for President Jair Bolsonaro (Jair Bolsonaro) to be charged with nine crimes related to his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, including crimes against humanity.

The report on Tuesday was more than 1,300 pages long. The committee controlled by the opposition took about six months to prepare and charged 77 other people and two companies with crimes.

A draft report released last week called for the prosecution of Bolsonaro for genocide and murder, but the senator later decided to drop these specific charges due to technical reasons described by lawmakers. They also decided to add 10 people to the list of individuals who should be prosecuted.

Among those who joined was Wilson Lima, the governor of the Amazonian state, who died of suffocation earlier this year due to insufficient oxygen supply in hospitals in the state. His government is currently under federal investigation for alleged corruption related to the purchase of medical equipment.

“The chaos in the government of Jal Bolsonaro will enter history as the lowest level of human poverty,” said Senator Renan Karreiros, the rapporteur of the report, adding that the president was “on the side” of the dictator, including Adolf. Hitler and Augusto Pinochet.

Bolsonaro’s press office did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Tuesday night.

But one of the president’s sons, Senator Flavio Bolsonaro, called the report legally weak and politically motivated.

“The intention of some of the senators of the investigation committee is to cause maximum wear and tear on the president,” he told reporters.

Lima also believes that his name is listed as a political gesture.

“The inclusion of my name in the final report was entirely political and electoral motivation,” Lima said in a statement provided by its press office. “I haven’t even been investigated by the committee.”

Prosecution is unlikely

The President denies wrongdoing, and whether to make most of the charges will be decided by the Attorney General Augusto Arras, who was appointed by Bolsonaro and is widely regarded as his protector.

Investigation chairman Sen Omar Aziz (Sen Omar Aziz) said he will submit recommendations to the Attorney General on Wednesday morning. Arras’ office stated that once the report is received, it will be carefully reviewed.

The Brazilian Attorney General Augusto Arras (left) appointed by Bolsonaro is unlikely to bring charges against the current president [File: Ueslei Marcelino/Reuters]

Regardless of whether the allegations are made, the report is expected to provoke criticism of the divided president, whose approval ratings have fallen before his re-election campaign in 2022-in large part because of Brazil’s COVID-19 death The number exceeds at least 600,000 people.

For months, the investigation itself provided the drumbeat of destructive allegations.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Bolsonaro has broken local leaders’ restrictions on activities aimed at stopping the spread of the virus, saying that the economy needs to continue to prosper so that the poor do not suffer greater hardship. Long after extensive tests showed that anti-malarial drugs were ineffective against COVID-19, gathered crowds without wearing masks, and sowed suspicions about vaccines, he insisted on touting an anti-malarial drug.

The President had previously regarded the Senate investigation as a “joke.”

Nonetheless, the report emphasized the increasing isolation of right-wing leaders before entering the election year. Because of his handling of epidemics and stubborn high inflation, his popularity has declined.

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