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According to regional reports, the Burger King franchise in Brazil has launched a new type of food specially made for dogs called “Dogeppr”. The new product is a dog biscuit that can be purchased by dog ​​owners for their pets, and the company is accepting Dogecoin encrypted payments for Dogeppr.

Brazilian Burger King launches Dogeppr — company accepts Dogecoin for meat-flavored biscuits

In selected locations, Brazil’s Burger King franchise announced that the company is accepting Dogecoin (DOGE) The company recently launched a new payment for dog biscuits. “Now you can buy Dogepper with Dogecoin and make good use of it,” Brazilian Burger King advertise read. “What’s the best way to pay for products aimed at dogs? Obviously, Dogecoin,” the restaurant chain ad added.

Brazilian Burger King customers can now use Dogecoin to buy meat-flavored dog biscuits
Customers can also add Dogepper to their premium meals.

In order to purchase Dogepper, customers need to check Availability Then choose the selected number of dog biscuits they want to buy. Dogepper costs three Dogecoin According to the website, there are great-value meals including dog treats.After filling in the registration form, the customer transfers dog To Burger King (BK) Brazil’s wallet.

Dogepper can be delivered via the BK Delivery, Ifood, Rappi, Uber Eats and 99 Food mobile apps, depending on availability. If customers do not have DOGE, they can still buy biscuits in Brazilian Real (BRL). The advertisement reads:

Biscuits with the famous barbecue BK flavor characteristics can be purchased at the value of three Dogecoins through a simple transaction: DOGE is directly transferred from consumer wallets to Burger King’s DOGE wallet.

Dogecoin’s proceeds from the Dogepper sale will be donated to animal protection NGOs

According to BK Brazil, the company will use a portion of Dogepper’s proceeds to help animal protection non-governmental organizations (NGOs). BK Brazil’s Dogecoin announcement explained that the franchise has partnered with an animal protection NGO called Petlove. Dogepper will only be sold and available for a limited time in South American countries.

“We know that enjoying Whopper quietly in the comfort of your home is not easy for pet mothers or fathers,” concluded the Brazilian Burger King. “But, how can we blame them? The smell of the barbecue is far away and excites the dog.”

Brazilian Burger King customers can now use Dogecoin to buy meat-flavored dog biscuits
Burger King’s official Twitter account regularly posts tweets about the crypto asset Dogecoin (DOGE).

In addition to promotion in Brazil, Burger King’s official Twitter account often tweets Regarding encrypted assets with the image of Shibi Inu. When men’s beauty products company Axe Released Dogecan body spray, Burger King Twitter account Say: “Please tell me you saved our dog.”

Axe Twitter account Replied And said they will take it on a rocket, which means Dogecoin is going to the moon.

What do you think of the Burger King franchise in Brazil accepting Dogecoin to make barbecue-flavored dog biscuits? Please tell us your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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