Brazil regulators confiscate iPhones at retail stores as Apple fails to comply with charger requirements: Gadgets

Excerpt from the article: In September, Brazil’s Justice Ministry ordered a moratorium on iPhone sales in the country after it concluded that Apple was harming consumers by not providing power adapters that came with the devices. Even after being slapped with a multimillion-dollar fine, Apple failed to comply with the request — leading the Federal District-based consumer protection watchdog to confiscate iPhones at retail stores.

As first reported by Tecnoblog, Procon-DF confiscated “hundreds of iPhones” at various retail outlets in the Brazilian capital Brasilia. In a move dubbed “Operation Discharge,” regulators aim to force Apple to comply with local laws that require smartphones to ship with chargers in the box.

The iPhones were reportedly confiscated at carrier stores and authorized Apple resellers. Regulators have banned the sale of any iPhone model that does not come with a charger in the box. Although Apple stopped shipping free accessories with the iPhone 12, the company has also updated the iPhone 11 with a new, more compact box without a charger.

After the iPhones were confiscated, Apple Brazil asked the government to allow the sale of smartphones in the country until the dispute is finally decided. The company told Tecnoblog that despite the operation, it continues to sell iPhones in Brazil.

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