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After Brazil’s last general election in 2018, the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal celebrated the victory of Jair Bolsonaro – a former low-ranking military officer, far-right fringe politician and Fans of Brazil’s brutal military dictatorship From 1964 to 1985.

according to a strange article Right-wing author Mary Anastasia O’Grady offered a simple explanation for the man’s electoral victory, which many analysts compared to then-President Donald Trump . Bolsonaro prevailed despite being “labeled as a racist, misogynist, homophobic, fascist, torture advocate and aspiring dictator,” the article argues that because Brazilians “are in the midst of a national awakening in which socialism – Bolsonaro’s alternative to the presidency – has been put on trial”.

While a socialist president will surely triumph over fascist torment any day, in fact, “socialism” didn’t even appear in the 2018 campaign. The Brazilian Workers’ Party (PT) – whose candidate Bolsonaro was defeated – is not a socialist, but a centre-left and, over the years, has done its due diligence to advance the interests of neoliberal capitalism contribution.True, PT has also committed blatantly leftist crimes such as helping to extricate millions of brazilians Escape poverty and hunger, as President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva did in the first decade of this century.

Now, it’s election time again in South America’s largest country – and people may be “awakening” again.Lula is back in action as Brazil votes tomorrow and is lead Bolsonaro in the polls (although, as Bloomberg reports, Goldman Sachs and concerned hedge funds have assured clients that the election will be “tighter” than the polls suggest).

Of course, Bolsonaro’s disdain for democracy means he won’t necessarily accept Lula’s victory on Oct. 2 — or, in the Oct. 30 runoff, if no candidate gets half the votes will be required. Nor can the power of social media disinformation be underestimated— Brazil’s real scourge – Calling Bolsonaro voters.

It’s worth recalling that in 2018, Bolsonaro’s election — who would go on to suggest a coronavirus vaccine could turn people into crocodiles and make women grow beards — came amid an obsession with demonizing PT. and the criminalization of the right-wing movement has been greatly promoted. Under the guise of “anti-corruption”. Lula was a favorite to win that year’s presidential race until he was jailed in April 2018 on trumped-up charges brought by the same campaign.

Benjamin Fogel, a historian who studies Brazil’s anticorruption politics, recently explained to me some of the additional factors driving the “pervasive right-wing shift in Brazilian society” that made Bolsonaro head of state. These include a growing middle class with an “elitist” view of society that essentially blames poverty on the poor. As a result, social welfare programs and other government efforts to address structural inequalities are often seen as unworthy — or a form of corruption themselves.

Also associated with the shift to the right is the charitable financial intrigue of big business, and the normalization of once taboo topics, such as those associated with military dictatorships.swift The Spread of Christian EvangelismAlso proved politically compatible with Bolsonaro’s brand of conservative fanaticism.

However, as Fogel emphasized, Bolsonaro’s approach to the presidency “doesn’t really translate into any practical terms of governance other than the dissolution of basic government institutions”. Public health, public education and other concepts of right-wing loathing have come under fire. Bolsonaro has packed his cabinet and public administration with more officers than he did under the dictatorship.

Thanks to Bolsonaro for his management of the pandemic – during which he written off coronavirus As a “little flu” – Brazil’s official death toll is approaching 700,000, making the country second only to the US in most COVID-19 deaths.Bolsonaro when a Brazilian female journalist asks the president about domestic vaccination rates respond with typical maturity: “You are thinking of me in your sleep, you must have a good impression of me or something.”

he was also Environmental plague, enthusiastically supports the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. After all, the Amazon isn’t vital to life on Earth.

Combine that with severe economic mismanagement, soaring inflation, rising poverty, and a surge in membership of neo-Nazi groups in Brazil, and it seems the old “awakening” isn’t quite what it’s been bragging about. However, according to his wife Michelle Bolsonaro, at least Bolsonaro saved Brazil’s presidential palace from the “demon” who had previously “occupied” it.The President also worked to instill in his citizens a deep, God-fearing piety, and in August supporters of encouragement: “Buy your gun! It’s in the Bible!”

Meanwhile, Lula’s corruption conviction has been abolished, his efforts to overly accommodate his elite voters disaffected by Bolsonaro have disillusioned many on the left. He chose a right-wing running mate with a history of fighting the PT. As things stand, however, Lula is the only ticket out of the Bolsonaist nightmare.

As the historian Fogel told me, “What Lula represents in this election, not activism, is the memory of a better time you can provide for you and your family”. He stressed the importance of questioning whether Brazilian rights “have any real interest in governance” or whether their purpose is simply to “remove all protections” in pursuit of a “war on all”.

Perhaps nothing better sums up the war’s apocalyptic hostility the raging fire Ahead of Bolsonaro’s expected election defeat, deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon was racing to clear forests, and deforestation remained good.

As Brazilians head to the polls, there is hope that the country is about to wake up from its nightmare.

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