Brave’s new tool lets you create and share your own search rankings

If you are worried about the usual web search engines may be biased, don’t worry – Brave thinks it can help.The company launched a beta version of the Goggles feature for brave search (no longer beta itself), allowing anyone to set their own search ranking criteria. For example, you could optimize a “politics” query to shift focus to blogs rather than major news outlets.

You can create, modify or use others’ rankings in the following ways run a search and click the “Goggles” button. Then, you don’t have to spend time fine-tuning your results. Communities can also share Goggles to more consistently display the sites they use most.

Brave uses the tool as a foil to the algorithms Google and Microsoft’s Bing use to prioritize certain search results while downplaying others.Those more dominant search providers say they’re paying attention reliable source of information And help users find useful content in other ways, but Brave thinks Goggles can help remove the biases inherent in its larger competitor’s technology.

Therefore, the feature can have both positive and negative aspects.While this can help you more easily find smaller sites or dissenting opinions that are often hidden in traditional search results, it can also strengthen thought bubble You can only see content that is consistent with your existing views. As with the rest of the internet, you may have to use Goggles judiciously to avoid creating echo chambers.

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