Bradhand traded to the Blue Jays and began selling off the Nationals trade deadline

The team announced that the Washington Nationals began to sell on Thursday, bringing Bradhand closer to the Toronto Blue Jays.

The move was made the day before the trading deadline on Friday, and it may be the first of several deals conducted by general manager Mike Rizzo. Washington Received 25-year-old Lelia Adams in return for Hande from Toronto.

Hand connection Washington In this offseason one-year contract, he played 42 2/3 innings this season, with 21 saves and a 3.59 ERA. He has been struggling recently, giving up a total of seven games in three games between July 21 and July 26. He recovered on Tuesday night and eventually defeated the Philadelphia Phillies.

The Nationals announced that outfielder Yadiel Hernandez has taken his place and has been recalled from Triple-A Rochester to replace Hand’s roster.

Adams has appeared in 12 major league games in his career. In the four seasons of the minors, his average score was 0.262 and the percentage of on-base plus batting was 0.783. According to the Major League Baseball pipeline, he is ranked 17th in the Toronto Farm System.

At Triple-A East Buffalo this year, Adams hit 0.239 with 7 homers in 35 games.

This is the first of several transactions Washington It is expected to advance before the trade deadline, and starter Max Scherzer will make the headlines. Rescuer Daniel Hudson (Daniel Hudson) was one of four players on the injured list on Thursday-after the coronavirus outbreak delayed the second day of Wednesday’s match, 13 people in the organization tested positive ——May leave. Utilityman Josh Harrison is another player who can be traded.

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