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Everyone will agree that the DeFi industry is absolutely booming right now, and for good reason. After all, there is a ton of technological innovation right now through cryptocurrencies, NFTs, P2E gaming, blockchain, and more recently the metaverse.

Having said that, it is often difficult to identify which projects in the space are more valuable than the initial hype and actually offer something of real value.This is where BOSO Tokyo Come in.

what is it?

Naturally, it’s crucial to understand what something is before you’re comfortable enough to invest in it. In short, BOSO TOKYO is a move to create a Metaverse identity brand. One of the main goals of the project was to bring avatars into the metaverse as a result. Essentially, the “metaverse” is essentially a completely digital space that can be copied and changed, in other words, a world without a specific identity.

Even if users establish their identity in a virtual world, when they move to another virtual world, they are likely to lose their identity because their credit information will not be transferred. Also, users get a website domain name after creating a website, but in Metaverse, each user will have an avatar. BOSO TOKYO believes that users should be able to have a branded avatar instead of a generic, default avatar.

In addition, NFT (Non-Fungible Token) avatars will be Tenjin Yinggao, a famous Japanese illustrator. Not only will the PFP be available, but the distribution of high-quality 3D data and subsequent avatars that may be brought into the metaverse space will also be available.

As such, BOSO TOKYO is best understood as an initiative for virtual world generation avatars created by the official illustrator of popular projects like Gundam and the official illustrator of the incredibly successful Star Wars franchise.

Can anyone join?

Although BOSO Tokyo The project has a lot of interesting and unique features that unfortunately not everyone can join. That’s because BOSO is a brand for those who believe in the potential of the metaverse and its seemingly limitless possibilities, as well as those looking for more excitement and independence. Therefore, the BOSO team hopes to introduce Japanese creators and culture to the world through individuals who can bring value to the initiative and Japanese culture. Therefore, the team must do its best to create a brand with unlimited potential, a community, an opportunity and a future through a special team. The project was also greatly inspired by the Japanese cyclist gangs known as “BOSOZOKU”, which are often seen as symbols of freedom.

Who else is involved in this project?

One of the main highlights of BOSO TOKYO is the team behind it. As mentioned before, Tenjin Yinggao Being a “Principal Designer” is part of the program. He is a well-known Japanese creator and artist working in various fields including voice acting. He is responsible for the avatar design of BOSO TOKYO. In addition to his work as an illustrator, he is also a designer and image board artist. He has also done mechanical art for the animations Macross Zero, Macross Frontline and Aquarius Genesis, and mechanics for Hell City, Macross Delta and Knights and Magic Design, and also did biological design for “Interstellar”. Dance of Strings” and even the CG of the movie “The Legend of Saint Seiya”.

In addition to Xiu Gao, there is also a “creative director”, love. After obtaining a degree in Architecture at Kyoto University, he created the overall creative design and world view of BOSO TOKYO. In 2012, he hosted one of Ibiza’s most famous parties, the Foam Party, for the first time in Tokyo. He also launched “Burning Japan,” a Japanese version of “Burning Man,” a large-scale event with over 80,000 attendees in Nevada, USA. During COVID-19, he created the online music festival “BLOCK.FES”, which has more than 2 million participants, “Drive-in Fest”, a music event that can be enjoyed in the car, and many other projects, which The project has aroused enthusiasm around the world.

Finally, the person in charge of Ideology and Manifesto Design, Ogihisa, the Japanese representative of Ledger, one of the largest cryptocurrency wallet companies in the world. Previously, he was Head of Brand Marketing, PR and Public Relations for one of the largest U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as a reporter for Cointelegraph Global and editor-in-chief for Cointelegraph Japan.

What else is there to know?

Like any other project, BOSO TOKYO’s roadmap shows a lot to look forward to. The first is “Revving,” which is the staking system used by the project. Suffice to say, there is an exciting bonus here as the RPM increases and the burn takes place. Secondly, BOSO TOKYO also has unlimited commercial use rights. Users who own an NFT designed by Hidetaka Tenjin will thus have unrestricted commercial use rights, and they can then freely use this access to generate numbers, use it in advertisements, rent it, and more. Users will also get exclusive access to the community and all the best events. NFT holders can vote additionally and gain a wealth of advantages and benefits. Finally, the team will provide avatars that can be brought to Metaverse to realize BOSO TOKYO’s vision for a true Metaverse identity brand.

Final Thoughts on BOSO TOKYO

After considering all the above information, it can be clearly seen that BOSO Tokyo It’s a project that everyone needs to pay close attention to. The team intends to host a major event promotion in the near future aimed at introducing Japanese culture to the rest of the world.

The site went live on June 13th and is currently running a limited number of BOSO TOKYO NFT giveaways.Those who are interested are encouraged to check out detail There is now a chance to win BOSO TOKYO NFT by completing a simple task.

Finally, visit the official website and relevant social media channels for more information and regular updates.

BOSO Tokyo Official Website:



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