‘Blue chip’ value halved, free minted Goblintown NFT volumes surge

“Blue Chip” Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) collectibles’ reserve prices and market caps have slipped over the past 30 days, with some of the most recognizable items halving in value on these key metrics.

Data collected on key Ethereum (Ethereum) NFT project by Dapreda Shows reserve prices for established collections, such as CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), and Moonbirds, down by up to ~55% in 30 days.

MAYC was the worst of the four, with a 55% drop in reserve to 16.7 ETH ($31,300). The more popular BAYC fell more than 47% to 86.7 ETH ($163,000) and CryptoPunks fell nearly 49% to 45 ETH ($85,000).

The only collectible to gain this month is Moonbirds, up 22%, with a floor price of 19.6 ETH, or about $37,000.

While Moonbirds’ reserve price may rise, its market cap has fallen 55% to $368 million. Other stocks also fell, with the biggest losses being MAYC, down more than 71% to below $610 million, while BAYC and CryptoPunks lost 62% and 51%, respectively.

Aggregates continue to dominate top NFTs despite declining metrics Sales volume In the past 30 days, the most expensive was the sale of BAYC NFTs for 410 ETH on May 5, which was worth about $1.2 million at the time.

Free Mint series tops the list

Launched on May 22nd, the free NFT collection called Goblintown now has a market cap of nearly $50 million and is the top 30 NFT collection.

although website Statement NFTs have “no roadmap. No discord. No utilities.” Goblintown ranks second with nearly $23 million in transaction volume over the past seven days, according to the data Dapredabeating out series such as Otherdeeds and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

The collection features 9,999 “goblins” that debuted without any real marketing, fanfare, or the usual hype of NFT projects. The team behind Goblintown is not well known and often tweets seemingly ridiculous and rude from the official Twitter account.

Despite all these factors, the base price for the series is 2.7 ETH or around $5,000 on the NFT market open sea at the time of writing. Most expensive NFT sold in this series fetched The price is 69.4 ETH or about $130,000.

Nike acquires ENS domain name

RTFKT (pronounced “artifact”) Web3 offshoot of sportswear and sneaker giant Nike added a Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain to company tracks, Buy “dotswoosh.eth” 19.72 ETH, about $37,000.

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While it’s unclear what Nike will use the domain name for, the company has been investing Web3 By creating multiple sneaker-based NFT collections using RTFKT and defending its claim to space, take Nike NFT sneaker reseller takes court.

The purchase of this newest ENS domain name brings the total number of ENS domains owned by the company to 10.

More exciting news

The popular mobile earning NFT game Stepn owns Ban Chinese users from using its app Comply with Chinese regulations. Mainland Chinese users make up 5% of the platform’s overall user base, and Stepn’s founder said the move would not have a significant financial impact on the company.

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