Bitrue Launches New Yield Farming, How You Can Capture and Maximize Crypto Profits

Top cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue recently announced a new feature that will provide cryptocurrency investors with more opportunities to benefit from the growing industry. Bitrue’s new Yield Farming Hub will enable users to leverage their cryptocurrency to generate more by using similar mechanisms to popular DeFi platforms.

The cryptocurrency exchange is launching a new feature with its 20 pools, which will allow investors to generate a staggering 150% APR. These rewards will vary by pool, and some will even generate more profits and let users choose their preferred staking period.

The feature will be available starting January 10th, 2022, and will utilize the exchange’s native token, Bitrue Coin (BTR), to farm cryptocurrencies. Thus, creating a new source of demand and providing a bullish driver for its future appreciation for Bitrue’s token, which has recorded a 300% gain since its inception in 2018.

The exchange clarified that users can choose BTR or one of its cryptocurrencies to start the yield farming process on its platform. Adam O’Neill, Chief Marketing Officer of Bitrue, said on their Yield Farming Hub:

By offering such a wide range of investment options with different lock-up periods, returns and formats, we give our users the freedom to choose the investment strategy that best suits them. It makes BTR the world’s first Yield Token – a coin with a clear focus on maximizing cryptocurrency investment returns.

Bitrue expands options to increase crypto profits, a win-win feature for investors

By launching the Crypto Yield Farming Center, Bitrue hopes to encourage traders and investors to protect their financial futures. They will do this by taking advantage of this new feature, allowing investors to build long-term passive income streams.

Additionally, cryptocurrency investors will be less vulnerable to sudden market declines. In the official post, Bitrue talks about how their Yield Farming feature will ease users’ lives and help them build lasting wealth:

During market downturns, we see more and more users looking for guaranteed income stability as a way to ensure they continue to accumulate wealth without guessing the temperament of the market.

Additionally, the Yield Farming pool launched by Bitrue will operate without some of the inherent shortcomings of DeFi protocols, such as impermanent losses. In this way, cryptocurrency exchanges begin to create a win-win option for investors, partners, and the platform itself continues to innovate in a highly competitive industry.

Bitrue is known for offering users some of the best options to increase their profits. As such, the new Yield Farming Hub will work with BTR Lockups, Power Piggy and BTR Vote.

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