Bithumb exchange launches blockWRK project WRK token trading

Bithumb Exchange officially released Listed The native WRK token of the US blockWRK project. The transaction of this digital asset was launched on July 27.

The native WRK token of the blockWRK project was listed on the DeFi board of the Bithumb exchange in July

In the WRK/USDT trading pair on February 27, 2021. The token economic model of the blockWRK project is expected to issue 11,923,616,243.7293 WRK tokens, and the current circulating supply is 85,869,296.7293 WRK.

The trading start price of WRK tokens is 1.01 USD USDT. Market statistics at the time of writing show that since the start of the transaction, the tokens have gained traction, and the market price of each token has reached $1.47.

This Block WRK Project is a unique HR-focused application that allows companies to manage their workforce by setting daily, weekly or monthly goals for employees. The app includes many pre-installed templates that take into account key performance indicators and allow managers to include healthy, value-creating or productivity-focused activities to automatically receive federally approved WRK token rewards. The tokens are credited to the employee’s VISA brand bank card or account, and can be converted into legal tender, used as a means of savings or used to pay wages.

The listing of the WRK token coincided with the announcement of the blockWRK project to launch its application in the US market. The company’s partnership with a leading local payroll provider allowed it to tap into an initial user base of more than 150,000 U.S. employees. Further development of the application and the conclusion of more partnerships in the near future could pave the way for the company to reach more than 2 million local workers.

Considering the popularity of telecommuting after the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for applications such as blockWRK is huge.Remote work may still be a permanent feature of the future work environment, because recently Polls According to the report, 4 in 10 (36%) American employees are more willing to resign than return to an office environment.

On the company side, given the recent dynamic changes in labor preferences, the need for tools to motivate employees has become more and more urgent. According to a recent Statista survey, 64% of American respondents plan to invest in tools that train managers to manage more virtual workforces. 41% Of companies invest in productivity management tools to support remote workforces during the pandemic.

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