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Bitcoin’s hash rate hit a record high on the first day of 2022, reaching 209.39 exahash (EH/s) per second. In the past 12 months, Bitcoin’s computing power has increased by 47.92% from the 141.55 EH/s recorded on January 3, 2021.

Bitcoin’s computing power reaches a new milestone

Processing power and security dedicated to Bitcoin (Bitcoin) The network has never been higher, and the network has reached a milestone in 2022. One year calculation Hosted on, BitcoinOn January 1, 2022, the computing power reached a high of 209.39 EH/s. At the time of writing, the computing power is still sliding along the 203 trillion hashes per second (H/s) area, and 30-day statistics indicate that the network briefly reached 224.32 EH/s on Saturday.

0.2 Zettahash: Bitcoin's computing power hits a new high, and the mining difficulty is close to ATH
Bitcoin’s computing power hit a record high on January 1, 2022. recent news Report exist Bitcoin Not long ago, on December 8, 2021, the network reached 194.95 EH/s. It is also worth noting that Ethereum (Ethereum) Network also Set a record high Hit 1 petahash (PH/s) per second.

0.2 Zettahash: Bitcoin's computing power hits a new high, and the mining difficulty is close to ATH
On the third day of 2021, BitcoinThe computing power is about 141.55 EH/s.

On December 22, 2021, the Ethereum network reached 1.0122 PH/s and Today’s indicator exhibit EthereumThe computing power is still higher than 1PH/s on Sunday. On January 3, 2021, Bitcoin’s computing power was 141.55 EH/s or 47.92% lower than today BTC computing power statistics.

Since China’s Bitcoin mining crackdown, the computing power has risen by more than 200%, and the difficulty of mining is close to the highest level in history

In addition, on June 28, 2021, China cracked down on Bitcoin The miners caused the hash rate to plummet to 69.11 EH/s. Since that day, the computing power of the network has increased by 202.98% because most of the mining operations have moved to other countries. At the time of writing, the largest Bitcoin mining pool is Foundry USA, which has 19.45% of the world’s computing power or 34.79 EH/s. In terms of global computing power, the second largest mining pool is Ant Pool, with a computing power of 16.91%, which is 30.25 EH/s.

Only 11 known mining pools are mining Bitcoin Today, 3.81% of the world’s computing power comes from unknown hash or invisible miners. Bitcoin In the past two periods, miners have faced two increases in the difficulty of Bitcoin mining. On December 11, the difficulty rose by 8.33%, and on December 25, the difficulty rose by 0.32%. Bitcoin’s next mining difficulty change will bring it very close to the historical highest difficulty of 25 trillion. In just five days, the difficulty is expected to increase by 2.90% to 24.98 trillion.

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