‘Bitcoin dead’ Google search hits record high

crashed bitcoin (bitcoin) According to Google search trends, prices are rekindling speculation about the demise of the leading cryptocurrency.

Google “Bitcoin is dead” spikes In the week ending Friday, June 18, the highest level on record may have been reached. Google Trends tracks interest in search terms over time, assigning a score from 1 to 100 based on the total number of user queries. Data is anonymized, categorized by subject and aggregated by location.

According to preliminary data reflected by the dotted line, “Bitcoin Death” scored 100 between June 12 and 18. The last time a search query scored 100 was around December 2017.

Global searches for “Bitcoin is dead” soared over the weekend. Search volumes for similar keywords, such as “Bitcoin is dead,” also rose sharply, but did not reach new peaks. Source: Google Trends.

Google search results reflect extreme anxiety in cryptocurrency markets following weeks of relentless sell-offs in asset prices.Bitcoin’s downward spiral, now in its seventh month, may be driven by A sea change in Fed policy, which put downward pressure on risk assets.This Implosion of the Terra Ecosystem Its associated contagion effect is also a contributing factor.Adverse market conditions have also led to credible speculation by major industry players such as Celsius and Three Arrows Capitalfacing bankruptcy.

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The mainstream media has written hundreds of Bitcoin obituaries over the years; their experts have been cheering the recent market crash as proof that BTC is not a viable asset. Bitcoin allegedly ‘died’ 45 times 2021 alone – a year in which digital assets have hit multiple all-time highs.