Bird’s app can now display rentable city bikes provided by public operators

Some bird If American users search for vehicles in their app, they may notice a new option: The nearby public bicycle station is not operated by the company itself.Tori roll out The public bike sharing integration of its app connects commuters with local suppliers. In addition to showing the location of nearby stations, the integration will also show the number of bikes currently available at each station and link users to the operator’s own application.

According to the company, the move is part of its smart bike sharing plan announced in June. Bird also stated that this allows the company to “strategicly meet the city’s multimodal transport needs without monopolizing transportation options or competing with local companies.” Currently, the integration is only available for iOS, but it will “in “In the near future” enter Android. In addition, it will only show shared bikes operated by cities such as Oslo City Bike, Austin (Metrobike Austin), Los Angeles (Metro Bike), San Antonio (SA Bikeshare) and Milwaukee (Bublr Bikes Milwaukee) in Europe and the United States.

Bird said that they are only the “first” to implement the plan, so more cities may be added in the future. Especially because the company provides public bicycle integration for free to cities and local operators. Although Bird is known for renting out scooters, it also has products that people who want their own bicycles can buy. A few years ago, it launched its first electric bird bike at the same time as its smart bike sharing program. Just last month, it released another electric bike. electric bicycle The cost is US$2,299.

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