Bill Nye returns to TV to premiere Aug. 25 on Peacock

After more than a year, the peacock finally approaches Bringing Bill Nye Back to the TV Screen. NBC Universal Service has disclose That The ending is Nai It will premiere on August 25. The six-episode series will have Nye explore disasters (natural and other) while showing how science can help prevent and survive them.

In addition to hosting, Nye also serves as an executive producer. If you’re a fan of science documentaries or sci-fi, the production team will look very familiar. Brannon Braga ( universe, Orville and Star Trek fame) as director and showrunner, while Seth MacFarlane (also from universe and Orville) is making a cameo appearance and making it through his Fuzzy Door costume.

The series comes out roughly five years after its release on Netflix Bill Nye saves the world, and follow a similar template. This is an effort to restore optimism about science, not to mention counter myths and push for a society where evidence and objectivity matter.This may not recreate Bill’s vibe scientific man Days, but if it gets the message across, it probably doesn’t have to.

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