Bikini champ Lauralie Chapados focuses on Olympia

The feeling of winning a big game at the Arnold Classic may take a while to come home. For 2022 Bikini International Champion Lauralie Chapados, it’s still one she’s used to. When Isabelle Turell announced her news on The Fit Rockstar Show on May 7, she was surprised to hear the words.

“I swear this is the first time someone called me that, you know? Like, ‘Miss Bikini International.’ For a second, I was like, ‘Wait, who?

Lauralie Chapados may still be adjusting to life with the title, but she’s still hoping for another title this year. Chapados will be a contender for this year’s Bikini Olympia title, currently held by Jennifer Dorie. The Canadian champion is looking to become the fourth new winner in a row on the biggest stage in bodybuilding. At the time of the interview, Chapados was five weeks away from the Pittsburgh pro. She won that match on May 6th.However, there will be no other games between Pittsburgh and the U.S. Olympia in Las Vegas Dec. 16-18.

“That’s going to be the whole focus of Olympia,” Chappados said. “I might have to imagine it all.”

If she’s going to win, she’ll have to imagine herself beating Dolly, returning 2020 champion Janet Leyug, three-time Olympia champion Ashley Kartwasser and several other top players in the world on one stage. best competitor. This passion and commitment dates back to the day she first joined the gym, and she remembers it vividly.

“It was really a random day. It was a day like any other, but it wasn’t,” she told Turrell. “I really did this deal with myself, and twice a day (since then).”

Lauralie Chapados talks to Turell about her childhood, playing football, her passion for fitness and helping others, and more.Watch this episode in full don’t forget to follow @fitrockstarshow on Instagram.

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