BiFarms Network Announces Decentralized Multi-Chain Yield Optimizer Platform and Layerless Launchpad Ecosystem

BiFARMS announces the launch of a one-stop decentralized financial yield optimizer platform focused on delivering high yields for crypto assets. double farm The aim is to simplify this process by creating a seamless and streamlined process for users, the easiest and safest way to earn a lucrative yet modest APR, while ensuring sustainable growth across multiple agro-ecosystems within the BiFARMS platform.

According to research, the market value of decentralized finance (DeFi) cryptocurrencies is estimated to be $122.40B, at the time of writing. Looking at the statistics, it is clear that the DeFi industry is gaining a lot of traction as it continues to provide high-yielding decentralized financial services to crypto investors.

The advent of DeFi not only provides crypto enthusiasts with a new way to invest and manage their wealth, but also to have complete control over their own finances, eliminating intermediaries in the system. Through peer-to-peer relationships and self-executing “smart contracts” on blockchain networks, DeFi democratizes finance and replaces traditional centralized institutions such as banks and brokers.

Decentralized finance leverages decentralized networks to reinvent old financial products into trustless and transparent protocols that operate without intermediaries. DeFi projects on blockchain networks provide easy and cheap access to financial services ranging from banking, loans and mortgages to asset trading. There are also decentralized yield optimizer platforms that allow users to earn compound interest on their crypto assets. They are an on-chain asset management protocol that utilizes data analysis and optimization techniques to automatically compound rewards for the highest possible compounding rate. BiFARMS is one such unique DeFi yield optimizer project.

Through a series of investment strategies secured and implemented by smart contracts, BiFARMS Network Automatically maximize user rewards from different liquidity pools (LPs), automated market making (AMM) projects, and other yield farming opportunities in the DeFi ecosystem.

The investment strategy associated with the platform’s treasury will automatically increase the number of tokens deposited by compounding any Yield Farm reward tokens back into the user’s original deposited asset. Users can withdraw the deposited digital assets from the vault at any time, or withdraw the generated assets at their convenience.

Revolutionizing the DeFi space

BiFARMS consists of a unique set of solutions such as decentralized exchanges, multi-chain yield optimizers, liquidity providing pools, yield farming protocols, staking programs and all in one layerless launchpad.

BiFARMS is a decentralized exchange that connects users to trade cryptocurrencies on a peer-to-peer marketplace. It enables users to exchange their tokens for lower token transaction fees, and users control their private keys when transacting on the DEX platform.

By using BiFARMS multi-chain liquidity protocol, users can exchange different tokens across all networks, thus solving the problem of liquidity fragmentation and poor user experience in DeFi and web3. It also provides liquidity for exchanges, lending and other DEFI applications. Transaction fees are distributed proportionally to all liquidity providers in the pool, so the more crypto assets users stake, the more fees they earn.

The Multi-Chain Yield Optimizer enables users to obtain high yields on their crypto assets while eliminating the cost and inconvenience of daily harvesting. By deploying data analysis, automation, and optimization methods, Yield Optimizer helps users achieve the highest possible compounding rate.

Users can leverage the DeFi yield farming of stablecoins and other crypto assets on BiFARMS to increase the crypto yield on their assets. Through staking programs, the decentralized ecosystem provides users with the opportunity to spend their cryptocurrencies and earn rewards. When users stake cryptocurrencies, they are selected to validate transactions, and in turn, they are rewarded with those cryptocurrencies.

BiFARMS is a decentralized layerless launchpad This applies to a first-come, first-served system. The IDO Launchpad will help participate and empower new crypto projects by raising capital and ensuring authenticity to investors. Launchpad also provides investors with a good list of all solid crypto projects to launch.

Spearheaded by BiFARMS CEO Rohit Diwan, the All-in-One DeFi Yield Optimizer project is comprised of a team with a broad background in crypto and finance, directly inspired by existing yield optimization projects on the Ethereum network. This team of “developers” intends to “nurture” the long-term “DeFi ecosystem” and make it easier for everyone to participate. The BiFARMS network also actively encourages developers to participate and participate in the development of the project to make BiFARMS a better product.

How is BiFARMS different from existing yield optimizers?

Unlike traditional yield optimizers, double farm The income is mainly distributed to those who hold the native utility token – $BFS. The $BFS token is a “dividend-eligible” revenue share in BiFARMS, through which holders earn profits generated by the BiFARMS network and have the right to vote on key platform decisions. Platform revenue comes from a fraction of all vault profits and is distributed to those who hold $BFS. Token holders can stake $BFM to earn more $BFS in the BFS vault, or earn $ETH, $BNB, $MATIC, $AVAX, $FTM, $HT, $CELO in native staking , $ONE or $MOVR pool.

What’s more, the project has professional smart contract developers and financial advisors who carefully test and review the platform’s treasury, investment strategy, new platform and smart contracts before releasing it to the public.

BiFARMS is very flexible and can run on multiple blockchains including BSC, HECO and Avalanche. With this expansion, this unique project will explore new ways to optimize automation to ensure the highest yields achievable. Additionally, by making the source code widely available for public testing, review, and experimentation, all forms of bugs in the BiFARMS ecosystem will be found quickly.

BiFARMS offers unique strategies not present in other yield optimizers. This includes liquidity pool pairs that are only available on the BiFARMS platform.

double farm It is a decentralized multi-chain yield optimizer that focuses on the high yield of encrypted assets. One-stop layerless launchpad. The best is BiFarms BFM Pre-sale It’s happening now.

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