Biden administration imposes sanctions on North Korea over ballistic missile test

In response to the totalitarian regime’s latest ballistic missile test, the Biden administration imposed sanctions on five North Korean officials.

The U.S. Treasury Department said late Wednesday that the five officials were sanctioned because they helped obtain equipment and technology used in Pyongyang’s missile program.

In addition, the State Department sanctioned another North Korean man and a Russian company for supporting the program.

However, none of the sanctioned officials actually reside in North Korea. One lives in Russia and the other four work in China.

All allegedly provided money, goods or services to North Korea’s Second Academy of Natural Sciences, which the Ministry of Finance said contributed to the North Korean regime’s military defense plans.

Sanctions freeze any assets the targets are hiding in the U.S., bar Americans from doing business with them, and may punish foreign companies that work with individuals.

“North Korea’s recent missile launches are further evidence that despite international calls for diplomacy and denuclearization, it continues to move forward with banned programs,” said Brian Nelson, director of the Treasury Department’s Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Directorate, using the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Acronym for Republic.

The launch was North Korea’s second test in a week of its so-called hypersonic missile, which debuted in September.

Shortly before the announcement, North Korea’s state news agency reported that the missile launch involved a hypersonic glide vehicle that, after being launched from the rocket, demonstrated “gliding jump flight” and “corkscrew maneuvering” before hitting a rocket 621 miles away. sea ​​target.

Photos released by the state news agency showed North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in a cabin with senior officials, including his sister Kim Yo-jung, watching missiles soar through the air.

The United States also announced it would ask the United Nations to impose new sanctions.

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, tweeted on Wednesday that North Korea had launched six ballistic missiles since September “in violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions.”

The Security Council initially imposed sanctions on North Korea after its first nuclear test in 2006, and has increased penalties in response to further nuclear tests.

Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said in 2018 that sanctions cut off all North Korea’s exports and 90 percent of its trade. However, the country has been able to resolve the sanctions issue.

This story is based in part on a Telegram service report.

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